What Are Some Of The Popular Games In Infinite Earths Box Set?

The infinite Earth’s box set includes various popular games that people love to play.

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1) Spec Ops: The Line.

Godsweetholydamnit, do I love this game. You take the role of Captain Walker. A Delta operator deployed to the ruins of Dubai after a fuck-huge sandstorm messes the city up. Your mission is originally to find survivors and retreat behind the storm wall to radio for evac. What happens though is you and your team slowly get dragged into the depths of Hell. This game is a departure from the CoD “Murcia fuck yeah” attitude, where the US is the right guy. In this, bad people do bad things as opposed to brown people do bad things.

This game is such a great one. Showing the horrors of war and the degradation of the mind. A must-play.

2) Red Dead Redemption.

Another game I adore. Stepping into the spurred boots of a gunslinger and bounty hunter John Marston, you ride through the dying days of the Old West tracking down the members of your old gang in return for your family’s safety. From New Austin into Nuevo Paraíso and up into West Elizabeth, through the prairies and mesas into dark forests and snowy mountains, this game is gorgeous. The story is solid, there are easily hundreds of hours gameplay just exploring everywhere.

What Are Some Of The Popular Games In Infinite Earths Box Set?
What Are Some Of The Popular Games In Infinite Earths Box Set?

Infinite Earths Box Set Includes

3) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

This was one of my first games in infinite earth box set back on the PS2. Ok, compared to V, it has terrible graphics, the gameplay is juddery and generally less detailed and full. But comparing these two isn’t fair to San Andreas. It was a fantastic game and in my opinion, has stood the test of time. Grove Street fo’ life.

5) Saints Row 2

The Greatest Game Of. The. Series. I will hear no argument on this. Saints Row 2 hit the sweet spot and where the series should have died.

6) Assassins Creed (2, Brotherhood, Revelations, Black Flag)

Yes, I know it says games. But these games are just worthy of a mention as one. Ezio Auditore da Firenze and Edward Kenway are the two best Assassins in the series. Their games are immensely enjoyable, and being able to have a ship and swim everywhere if you want in IV gives you that option of freedom.

I’m not so sure about the new Assassins Creeds. Also, Syndicate looks the best out of them, in my opinion. Origins have potential, maybe.

The Most Famous: Fallout 3/New Vegas/4

These three are so fun it is mad. Although four did seem slightly dumbed down, it did have its own merits, and the DLC in all three was great. The mods for them as well are pretty decent, especially JSawyer for New Vegas. The exploration of the Capital Wasteland, the Mojave, and the Commonwealth and finding the lore, secrets, and tragedies of the past are fun little side quests.

Good games all around, pretty much how I’d describe them.

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