Video Games For Kids That Will Make You Drool

video games for kids

The best video games for kids are those that actually challenge young minds on multiple levels (not just speed bumps). Skills learned: basic problem-solving, basic mathematics, teamwork, organization, and the ability to communicate. If you have not yet introduced your children to video games, then you may wish to begin doing this while they are still young. At that age, they will be more receptive to interactive games that can be played with other people, such as “Dora the Explorer”. As they grow older, they will have their own choices and can develop different interests.

List Of Video Games For Kids


lego toys

As far as video game favorites go, Lego is one of the most well-known. Lego has created some very innovative Lego sets, including an assortment of Star Wars vehicles, characters from the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter’s world. Kids can build everything from a small passenger bus to a battleship. At that age, I am sure that some of the younger players would be happy to attempt to replicate these structures. With Lego, players can use Lego Mind Builder kits to transform their favorite characters into mini-robots or buildings.


boy playing video games

Another classic game that all kids enjoy is “Overcooked”. Unlike the game portrayed in the movie, “Overcooked” is interactive and features real life kitchen recipes, allowing parents to cook healthy meals for their kids. At an early age, I think that it will be fun for your child to explore the different recipes and learn how different foods are cooked. As they grow older, I am sure that the “recipe book” will provide them with more advanced options for video games for kids.

I believe that the next wave of children’s video games will focus on sports. Video game consoles like the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation have proven that playing video games for leisure can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. I am sure that next year, there will be many new sports games that are developed for these two gaming platforms. Whether they are basketball, football, baseball, or whatever, the parents will definitely want their children to be able to enjoy these games.


My favorite next game that will be introduced is called “Minecraft”. I believe that it will be a combination of “mod” and “sandbox” game. Parents may have some concerns about young kids being able to understand the difficulty level and complexity of this game, but I think that they will grow as the game is played. I also believe that there will be many “missions” throughout the game that will require teamwork and good planning skills to win.

Mario And Zelda

I think that next gen gaming will be mostly about Mario and Zelda. If I had to choose one game that would make my kids very happy, it would be Zelda: Twilight Princess. As a matter of fact, I started playing Zelda when I was five years old and have continued to play it ever since. Although it is basically an action-adventure game, the graphics are really pretty and the game play is fun. There is even a version that incorporates puzzle play into it.

The third game that I am sure that everyone will be talking about this summer is called “The Wolf Among Us”. This is a hidden object adventure game and follows the story of a boy who stumbles across a body. The visuals are really nice as they blend nicely with the rest of the game’s environments. There are plenty of puzzles to solve and the puzzles themselves are pretty damn exciting. The storyline is dark and creepy but at the same time, there are bright and sunny visuals, including explosions, animals, and more.

Last Words

In my opinion these three games are among the best ones for kids to play. I really recommend all of them to everyone because they all have their own strong points. No matter which one you choose though, I am sure that they are going to have something positive to say about video games. If you are looking for new things to play for entertainment then be sure to look into these amazing titles.

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