Top Games: Famous Among Players

Online Video Game For Everyone To Play

Every child loves to play games. They develop an interest in various strategic or multiplayer games. It makes life much easy and entertains the masses. There are various different genres and types. There are plays related to cooking, dancing, wars, battles, racing, intelligence, and many more. The games have received popularity with the increasing number of installations.

Various Platforms For Games

Top Games: Famous Among Players
Top Games: Famous Among Players

Google and Microsoft Play stores recommend games based on one’s list of which are pre-installed.  With the growing number of developers, there is a growth in the number of games. These are pretty famous among Android and Microsoft users.

Top Games Of Recent Times

There are many 5-star rated which remain at the top of the search list in recent times. These are similar yet different from each other.

PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground)

The game has shaken the nation and is rated the top game of 2019. The game is mainly about surviving out of 100 other people. It has different modes, mainly:

  • Classic
  • Arcade
  • Event

The game takes almost 2GB space and is a success worldwide. The game can be played with friends and family too. It has a squad mode, a duo mode as well as solo mode. This is one of the most celebrated games of today. It is a live game and is played online with others.

Clash Royale

It is a delight to play this game with friends or alone. It helps killing time and entertains one to the fullest. The players here need to have a proper game plan. It is all about strategy and the proper selection of troops. There are different levels of this game. One can cross these levels and reach the top. As it is a real-time game, it has a lot of players online together, and almost every other player has an opponent to defeat.

Clash Of Clans

The game is all about the proper defensive and attacking strategy of the player. One can have various troops that strike other town hall villages. The attacking troops should be powerful enough to break the defense system of the opponent village. The same power should be there in one’s defense too. The defense should be proper enough so as to defeat the attacking player.

Mobile Legends

Top Games: Famous Among Players
Top Games: Famous Among Players

Mobile Legends is full of twists and surprises. The innocent-looking avatars form a troop and destroy the enemies with the powers they gain while playing various other battles. It is a real-time game and has to fight over with the opponents to win a position and gain points. These points help them level up and have stronger troops.

These are the few top games of recent times. The fan following of PUBG has led to different competitions where there are win prizes. Recently, there was a competition named PMCO, where various teams gathered and played matches of the game and the winning team has got a cash prize of $50,000.  These have changed the lives of various gamers who were not under the limelight until the launch of these games.

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