Top Five Scary Video Games For Wii

horror video games

Many horror video games are produced by teams of designers and programmers, creating a high degree of detail and emotion. They are often set in dark, creepy settings, and are often rated T for brief periods of time.

A number of horror video games have become popular among video game enthusiasts. The Legend of Zelda is one of these, with the player taking on the role of Link, a young boy who travels across the virtual world to save the princess from the evil Ganon. Link is armed with a powerful weapon called the Master Sword, which has magical powers. He is joined on his quest by a mysterious girl known as Princess Zelda, who also possesses her own master sword. Ganon, who has been summoned by the evil wizard Medusa, is the primary antagonist of the game.

The Traditional Zelda Theme

The objective of most games is to defeat Ganon and reach the princess. Link can be seen as the hero here, fighting against his enemies one enemy at a time. In this regard, the game starts with the traditional Zelda theme, with the colors green and red being used to represent Link and Zelda, respectively. Link eventually gains the use of the Claws of vines, which enable him to grab and attack his enemies without leaving any trails of damage. These are useful to avoid being caught by Ganon’s tail, which is what causes most of the deaths in the game.

The Legend of Zelda is a very difficult game to play, as it involves a lot of thinking and a great deal of precision. It is not uncommon for many players to spend several hours trying to overcome the various puzzles and challenges within the game. The graphics are also quite graphic and make this game very fun to play. The audio track is very soothing and makes the game well worth the time.

The Mummy’s Shadow

Another very interesting game is The mummy’s shadow, where you have to find out who is looking at you behind your back. The game has you avoiding enemies while exploring the dark cave. The graphics and audio tracks are both very creepy and are designed to be very scary as well. The game gets progressively more creepy as you progress through the game, with eerie noises and music adding to the ambiance as well. There are several other horror video games as well, including Silent Hill and Annabelle.

Monster Mash is another very exciting game, where you are put into the role of killing every monster you can see as well as some that you are not sure about. For the most part, the game is very action-packed, as you have to hit all the buttons in order to kill every monster you see. For example, you have the option of shooting, slicing, freezing, throwing stars, and so on in order to kill as many monsters as possible. The game can get quite addictive once you start it up, as there is so much action going on that it is pretty much impossible not to enjoy it.

Zombie Army

Zombie Army is one more great game for those people who love horror. The objective of this game is for you to shoot zombies that are approaching from the front and then plant the bomb in their heads. The game is quite tricky, as you have to use the right weapons and techniques in order to blow up the zombies.

Although it is an incredibly scary game, it does not have much in the way of graphics. The actual sounds are also fairly quiet. You just have to concentrate hard on blowing up all the zombies.


One of the newest horror video games on the market is Dead Reckoning. This game is a remake of the popular Amnesia: The Dark Within. In this game, you must guide detective John Doe through a house, attempting to find out what happened to his friend. Along the way, you will find yourself inside the center of a viral outbreak. There are many things that make this game very scary, such as the fact that you can help the authorities to solve the crime but if they fail, you will be infected with the disease and will slowly die.

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