Top 5 Famous Online Shooting Game -

Top 5 Famous Online Shooting Game

Online Video Game For Everyone To Play

Shooting games have a different fan base in the online gaming world. They fall under the Category of action video games. These are very intriguing and loved by its players due to the adrenaline rush these online shooting games give. To top that these can also be played by multiple people at the same time as teams or rivals. The Internet allows gaming enthusiasts to play together even if they are far away from each other. Shooting game lets have the experiences that we only watch in movies on the television. If you are a gaming lover and more precisely an online shooting games lover, we have here the list of top 5 famous online shooting games. Read about them and plan a game night or day or a whole week with your shoot buddies.

PUBG Mobile: The Most Famous Shooting Game

Everyone knows this one. It has been the main attraction and the soul of discussion among game lovers. Its full form is Player Unknown’s Battleground. The theme revolves around the crisis. 100 Players are dropped out of nowhere and have to survive the game. There are 5 seasons of the game and this is a free game. Any person with an android phone can play this game and thus you can find kids playing it everywhere. That might be the reason it is now getting banned in college and school campuses. 

Top 5 Famous Online Shooting Game
Top 5 Famous Online Shooting Game

Modern Strike Online

This game has all that is ever expected. It fulfills all the expectations that one can expect from online shooting games. There are 6 game modules and also includes the factor of gaming money. You can choose from the many weapons available in the game. Also, the game allows you to dress your character however you like them. There are several settings available to choose from before you start the game.

Hitman: Sniper

This game gives you that feeling of being a S.H.I.E.L.D agent from the avengers series. You are on a mission which is new every time. And with a gun, you enter the territory of your rich enemies can take them down one by one. This calls for great planning and guts. You have them. Go play.

Combat Squad

This is more like two enemies fighting on the borders of their countries. You are put in charge and have to plan everything. Leadership skills are much required. You guide your team with the help of AI on the game. And together you take down your enemies. 

N.O.V.A. 3: All-Time Favorite Shooting Game

Top 5 Famous Online Shooting Game
Top 5 Famous Online Shooting Game

It is based on the character of commander Kal Wardin. He is a N.O.V.A. commander and lands into San Fransisco due to a series of unfortunate events. The whole revolves around this storyline and this makes it more relatable and exciting. This you can play alone or with your friends too. The game allows both. Cheating is not much tolerated in this game for sure. If you cheat, chances are high that someone has recorded that. That makes it even more interesting. Don’t you think so?

So now that you know that you have to at least try these ones, go plan with your friends. Have a great time being a team.

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