Top 3 Shooting Games for PlayStation 4 in 2020

For those who are unfamiliar with the gaming world, PS4 is just a short form of PlayStation 4. It is one of the most famous gaming consoles out there. Shooting games or shooters are the specialities of PS4 with the lineup of Overwatch, Fortnight and Call of Duty. The plots of these have become more complicated and the characters have become versatile. 

Along with that, new activities and locations create more diverse gaming experiences. Shooting games are some of the most appealing games to hardcore gamers. So, shooters become one of the best selling games among modern consoles. Here, in this list, we’ll talk about only the top three shooting games as they are increasing in numbers quite rapidly.

Trainfall 2

The authentic version of the ‘Trainfall’ by Respawn Entertainment was a mindblowing multiplayer game of a combination of terrific mech-based combat and one person shooting but was lacking in story and various activities. 

  • PlayStation directly addressed that in ‘Trainfall 2’ by including heartwarming content within a time-travelling story. 
  • The studio has also added a lot of action to kill robots relentlessly. 
  • The competitive mode of the game doesn’t disappoint either. 
  • A progression system and a vast number of modes make your character feel significant in each match.

Unfortunately, the lower rate of selling of this game does not bode well for a sequel yet the brand name of Trainfall’ leaves its mark. 


Though Blizzard’s Overwatch did not discover the game of the hero shooter, it took and polished the concept to a shining shooting game that is one of the most effective games of this decade.

  • The increasing casts of the game give it versatility as the characters play very differently from each other.
  • The amount of diversity in the hero shooters and also in a conventional match in a multiplayer game is quite unparalleled.
  • There are twists and turns like the seasonal event “Lucioball’ keep the mechanics of the game interesting.
  • Over has not lost its Blizzard charm. It has added the extra action that balances everything out to develop a competitive group game that will enchant you vehemently.

Best of all, we’ll still have to look forward to the sequel which will be released in near future.  

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall is the launching title of PlayStation 4. It was really hard to convince the interested shooters to take the risk and jump into the next level of consoles. It not only entertained the gamers but also exceeded all the expectations. The snappy shooting has taken all the advantages that the new PS4 controllers had to give. The graphics of the game’s environment is colourful and stunning. The game succeeded even more in the competitive multiplayer system as it concentrated more on the team play and the coordination than on the players.


PlayStation 4 has many other shooting games with a variety of range from the strategic multiplayer games to two stick shooters to the free FPS games. Battlefield 1, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Doom are some of the excellent PS4 games that can easily give you an escape from reality.

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