Top 10 Upcoming Online PC Games 2020


Have you been awaiting the new collection of upcoming online PC games 2020? Gamers tend to get bored with the same storyline and repetitive adventures often. Thus it is essential to keep updates of what is entering the gaming market which might refresh your skills. Here are upcoming online PC games 2020 which will give hours of addictive gaming to you –

Top 10 Upcoming Online PC Games 2020
Top 10 Upcoming Online PC Games 2020

The Best Upcoming Online PC Games 2020

  1. Age of Empires 4 – If you are a fan of the RTS genre, then this title would not be new to you. Coming back in 2020 is Microsoft with the fourth version of their very popular game which the gamers have been seeking. Even though the details and precise game scenarios are still a secret, the news about its release is big enough.
  2. Crusader Kings 3 – Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Then Crusader kings would definitely be on top of the list. This is one of the multiplayer games 2020 that allows you to develop a medieval empire with your allies whilst fighting your enemies.
  3. Ghostrunner – Does the name give you an eerie feeling? The game’s graphics await you as one of the upcoming online PC games 2020 and will be even more intriguing than its name!
  4. Half-Life: Alex – There have been many suppositions about a brand new half-life game in 2020, and here is what it will be. This story of Alex includes her father, whom she has to save. Hope you’ll do a good job with that!
  5. Halo Infinite – The Halo fans have big news to get their adrenaline rushing for 2020. They will be gifted with one of the most exciting games of this series. It’s certainly the brightest pearl of the lot from multiplayer games 2020. So keep the PC ready!
Top 10 Upcoming Online PC Games 2020
Top 10 Upcoming Online PC Games 2020

Some More Collectables

  1. Humankind – War and survival is a plot for many online games. But this one incorporates much more like a fusion of multiple cultures. You will even be able to cluster their abilities in one.
  2. Phantasy Star Online 2 – Till now, Phantasy Star was bound to Japan, but now American gamers have a chance to experience this. 
  3. Songs of Conquest – This game’s comparisons with Heroes of Might and Magic is enough to get gamers’ eyes excited about it. With a lot of promise, this features high in the list of online PC games for 2020.
  4. Way to The Woods – If fictional and fantasy journeys make your gameplay adventurous, the fairy tale will take you by surprise. You have to traverse through numerous types of environments with two deer by your side. You have certainly conceptualized for the fable-world people!
  5. Starship Troopers-Terran Command – With the original movie being released way back in 1997, the popularity of this cult-classic rose recently. And what better time to bring an online game for its lovers! The game offers various control aspects that test skills like resource management, defense positioning, etc.

Next year is sure to bring a lot to enjoy with your gaming mates. So boot up your PC’s and look out for these multiplayer games 2020 which will redefine your gaming experiences! Also, read this great post by gaminggram.