This Week On Xbox: January 3, 2020

10 Best War Games In Online You Can Play Right Now

This week on Xbox, several new games are coming out. We are into the New Year now. Game freaks are well aware of the new game launches of Xbox. While some continue past renowned series, some are new. There are two versions of Xbox prevalent right now. They are Xbox One and Xbox 360. Many people assume that it is possible to run an Xbox 360 disc on an Xbox One. However, this depends on the model you have. There is something called backward compatibility. A device can run on software or disc that is from a previous version of the invention. If your PS 4 was backward compatible, you would be able to run a PS 3 game on it, such as Under Siege.

This Week On Xbox: January 3, 2020
This Week On Xbox: January 3, 2020

New On Xbox This Week

Some of the games coming to Xbox in January 2020 are-

  • PvZ: Battle for Neighborville.

Plant Versus Zombies is a thrilling zombie apocalypse game set in a snow-covered Giddy Park the Snow Day is here, and the ice is starting to thaw, and zombies are on the rise. You have to charge your electronic weapons and your roller skates and be ready for a battle. You can pick up a ton of stuff on your way through the Snow Day. You can also get fantastic victory hats. 

  • Silent Assassin

This game is already trendy on Roblox and is now getting an Xbox One release too. That is a unique thriller with a fast-paced cat and mouse chase action. In this game, the assassin, who is quick walked and exceptionally well equipped, tries to stab the victim and flee. All the foe has to do is to try to be alive and comes armed with a guard. The guard has an arsenal of weapons and wants to protect you, but should he fail, the assassin will eliminate you. The players get better with practice and can earn rewards like coins that you can later cash in for more gear and power after winning each round.

  • Grand Theft Auto

This game is available on Xbox Game Pass Console. The game takes place in Los Santos, Blaine County, where a retired bank robber, a psychopath, and a young hustler are attempting to accomplish a heist. While at it, they unleash mayhem. The players have a considerable challenge, to complete the best heist that the city has ever seen. 

This Week On Xbox: January 3, 2020
This Week On Xbox: January 3, 2020

Other Games In 2020

There’s no specific time frame yet for the next gens (PS5 and Next Xbox, whatever its name). Currently, all the rumors and inside news floating around suggest that next gens are in the works. There is no way anyone can expect them before 2020. They even can be pushed back to 2021 or later. So far, no specific time frame has come out yet. One thing is for sure, both Sony and Microsoft are not going to release half-baked products, especially Microsoft, after the lesson they got from Xbox One release, which people are barely logging into any longer. All in all, don’t expect them before late 2020.

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