The Top Selling Video Games For Wii

top selling video games

The top selling video games are those that sell the most copies. There are many different factors that go into a game’s sales and the people at Nintendo have a long standing history with these types of games. For many, Mario is their first introduction to video gaming and one of the most well known games in history. Tetris was also a hit with children when it was first released. It also has sold over 170 million copies worldwide, easily placing it in the top spot of this list of the top selling video games of all time.

This next list features some of the more obscure video games. Donkey Kong is probably the best known of this bunch and was one of the most expensive games on the market when it was released. As it turned out, the game was very successful and still is. The following list highlights several of the other games that were more popular than Donkey Kong. They are all still very popular today and some even rank high on the list of top selling video games.

Legend Of Zelda

The first game in the third slot on this best selling video games list is Legend of Zelda. It was one of the first games to utilize the Game Boy Advanced system and was very impressive. It featured top notch action and adventure gameplay, as well as great graphics. Zelda launched in Japan, Europe, and the United States and was one of the first games to be released to the American public with a widescreen option.

Pokemon released in 1997, and has become one of the top grossers in history for Nintendo. The game follows a young boy who sets out on a journey to catch every kind of Pokemon available. It quickly became a huge hit and remains so to this day. Pokemon FireRed, another release, followed in 1998. This one featured new features and a battle system that rivaled the Zelda of its time. Pokemon Black and White, two spinoffs, were released in 2021 and have both done very well.

One Of The Most Beloved Video Games

A sequel to one of the most beloved video games ever released, Super Mario Brothers, was released in 1990. It ranks third behind Zelda and Pokemon. This game featured new characters like Mario and introduced an element of adventure that had never been seen before. Mario Bros. was a big hit and remains so to this day. Another follow up, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, followed a year later, this time with another new character, and yet another, Wario, were added to the cast. Wario, now a plumber, was introduced to the world of gaming when he was captured by Bowser and forced to play his second game, Mario Bros. Deluxe.

Pokemon FireRed, the follow up to Super Mario Bros., was released in Japan only, but was extremely successful. The system was Mario only this time, however, and featured all of the features seen in the previous games. It is believed to have sold more, and possibly more than the already sold Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo. This game has ranked as the second-selling game for the Nintendo Wii and was only second to Zelda for the platinum trophy.

Best Selling Games Till Date

Zelda, known as the Princess of Hyrule is one of the most loved and best selling games till date. Zelda, along with the Zelda Wind Waker, is still one of the top selling video games for the Nintendo Wii. Zelda Twilight Princess, which was developed by Nintendo themselves, sees the return of Link, who was left stranded after the events of the Zelda Twilight Princess. This time around Link has to pick up help from other characters, while struggling to overcome the dungeons, notorious monsters and bosses.

The year 2021 was a busy one for Nintendo, as it released the new entry to the Zelda series, Twilight Princess. This game saw the return of Link, who became trapped in the world of Hyrule, following the events of Zelda Twilight Princess. This time around Link had to pick up the pieces of the Triforce, which had previously been stolen by Ganon.

Wrapping Up

As well as the Triforce, Zelda had also left behind three other companions. Ganon soon learns that the Triforce can be used to make him powerful and sends his army to eliminate them. Zelda, along with Link, has to find the strength to defeat Ganon and save the world, as well as finding the strength to master the Triforce.

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