The Top Five Most Popular Video Games For PlayStation 2

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As a result, game stores have to work harder than ever to ensure that customers can find the right game for them. Here are a few of the newest video game releases on the market right now:

EA Sports Active 2: Car Rally is the second installment in the EA Sports series of video games. This time around, gamers get to take part in the ultimate rally competition. Rallying is so much fun that even non-gamers enjoy playing it. It’s the best video games like Wii Sports Resort to win a trophy. In this version, gamers take on the role of rally driver Samir Durrani, as he takes on the toughest road race of the tournament. This is definitely a step up from previous games like really, where drivers had to drive their trucks and perform various tricks on the tracks to earn points.

Grand Theft Auto

For those who love video games like Grand Theft Auto, you’ll love the Xbox Kinect. This is a first-person game that recognizes your motions and uses them to control the characters in the game. The best thing about it is that it utilizes the power of your voice – something that, for example, the Xbox Kinect failed to recognize. If you want to steal cars or just beat the system, this is the game for you. There aren’t a lot of other games out there that offer such options for action-packed video gaming.

Halo is probably the most popular first-person shooter today. It allows players to take on the role of Master Chief, a cyborg commando, and blast their way through several levels on foot, on bikes, and in vehicles. The exciting part about playing Master Chief is that, with each level, you unlock new weapons and armor – and also new abilities for you to master. Halo has received many accolades over the years, including an Academy Award for Best Game, and is now available for gaming on the Xbox, as well as on the PC. It’s a brilliant video game and is one of the most addictive gaming experiences out there.

Call Of Duty

Call of Duty is a first person military simulation game that lets players experience a gripping storyline and an amazing selection of weapons. It takes real world technology and distills it into an exciting and engrossing gameplay. It’s also a great title for hardcore gamers – who, after all, would rather play something more realistic than something that’s pure fantasy? If you enjoy Call of Duty, chances are good that you’re a big fan of Modern Warfare, too. It combines high-stakes shooting with an incredible plot, and players are rewarded with an amazing selection of Call of Duty maps and styles. Both versions of Call of Duty are extremely successful, having launched multiple derivatives.

Final Fantasy series has become a staple in the gaming industry, and its latest installment, Final Fantasy XIV, is no different. The series’ first core game, Tidus, takes players back to the world of Spira, and the epic action, exploration, and story beats of its predecessors. 

Mass Effect

A new main storyline called the Regalia appears, which affects every character and game in the series. From fighting and capturing mythical creatures, to exploring the limitless skies above Spira, Final Fantasy XIV offers a world of interesting characters and tons of content.

Mass Effect is a sci-fi video game series featuring the character, Shepard. Players take control of the character and start in the center of a conflict involving the galaxy and the Reapers, a group of machines looking to eradicate organic lifeforms. The player’s decisions and actions will either help the Normandy crew and fight against the Reaper forces or help the Normandy crew and recruit new allies to join the fight against the Reapers. Players can develop their own character, leveling up to earn new weapons, armor, and other enhancements. Each leveling path starts with a storyline mission to complete before moving on to new destinations and missions.


With the introduction of these amazing games, a new generation of gamers is introduced to a wonderful world that provides endless hours of entertainment. Many of today’s younger generation are only beginning to discover the joys of this industry, and how video game systems have affected their lives. With more console generations on the horizon, it is only a matter of time before the first video game system is produced for the newer generations to enjoy. With more games being developed each year, there is no doubt we will be enjoying this exciting new form of entertainment for many years to come.

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