The Best Video Games Of All Time

best video games of all time

If you are looking for the best video games of all time, there are two things you must know. First off, you must be a video game junkie. Yes, we understand you. We’re total junkies when it comes to gaming. You like to hear the cheesy score and awesome explosions in the video games that you have played before. The truth is, video games are a great source of entertainment that you can find in the internet today.

In a nutshell, video games consist of game controllers, games disks, video games consoles and of course the wii remote. It is very interesting how people compare these things because they seem so similar. However, it’s not just about the similarities between the two. You can clearly see that one has more appeal than the other.

The second thing you should know is that video games have evolved over the years. This is why you will find some differences among different platforms. Game consoles may look the same but underneath lies something that makes them unique. This is the reason why the Wii Remote and the Wii Consoles are considered as special editions compared to the Xbox and PlayStation. Another example is the Super Mario broach. The success of this game can definitely be traced to its innovative controller.

A controller or a game pad is not enough to make a game interesting. For a video game to be successful, its plot summary, game play and user score must be interesting enough to encourage you to play the whole thing over again. Well, not with the original Super Mario broach. It requires an additional challenge. It requires a fun and entertaining game like the Wii Sports Resort.

To keep things interesting, the game has an online ranking system. Your performance in the exercises is being monitored and measured every time you play. This is how the game keeps you hooked and entertained. The user score also helps the game plot outlines to remain exciting. The platform gameplay also deserves mention.

The newest versions of the platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone offer great opportunities to score high. The users can now use their smart phones or tablets as controllers. The control is just as effective as the ones used on console systems. The feature that sets these mobile platforms apart from others is that they allow users to play using their own apps.

In addition, the gaming experience is enhanced by the integration of social networking applications. The popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace allow you to interact with other people. This is how these platforms allow you to compete with each other. You can now see the popularity of the Facebook application increasing steadily. If you feel that you need a new hobby to occupy your spare time, then why not try the hottest game in town, the android game of fire os?

Summing Up

Even if you do not like the Mario series or do not like the platform games, you can still enjoy this great game. The plot summary and user score are two great features that make this game worth your time. This game is available in many different platforms and you can choose the one that suits your preference and gaming platforms.

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