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batman video games

It is the kind of thing that can bring back the magic, the thrill and to be honest, the fun! There are numerous titles for you to choose from like: Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman Forever, Batman: Gotham City Racer, and many more. These are only a few of the great titles out there for your gaming pleasure. You will certainly need to find out which one will be perfect for you and your kids.

If you prefer your video games with a little more spice, then perhaps the game known as Gotham City Racer would be the best choice for you. It tells the story of the twisted relationship between the Joker and the hero, Batman. The storyline is actually so twisted that you will think it is a made up story and yet it manages to entertain players throughout. With the help of an amazing array of animation and special effects, this game will surely leave you wanting more!

The Dark Knight

Another title in the video game’s franchise is the second chapter in the bat series, The Dark Knight. This game features an altogether different storyline, which revolves around the chaos caused by the Joker and his henchmen during the climax of the movie. You are also introduced to some new and interesting characters like the Riddler and the villain, The Penguin. This storyline is full of excitement and has a lot of thrills for gamers. The game features some breathtaking graphics and excellent audio quality to boot.

Perhaps the best video games of all time are the games based on the Dark Knight. You get to save Gotham City and defeat all its greatest villains including the Joker, Two-Face, The Phantom and many others. The storyline is thrilling and you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you fight the baddies and protect the city from The Joker’s villains. Playing as the superhero yourself will truly give you an immense sense of satisfaction.

The Lego Batman

The Batman series is not the only one that presents an open world scenario in its games though. There is another game in the franchise, which is equally popular and that is the Lego Batman. Lego Batman saves Gotham City from all kinds of villains who wreak havoc on the city. This is definitely a must buy for any Lego fan. The game involves a great deal of skill from building everything from buildings to vehicles to fighting villains.

There have been quite a few Batman video games released since the very first introduction of the caped crusader to the world in the first Batman video game. The Caped Crusader has featured in several different titles and the various franchises have given him a number of upgrades and advancements. The most recent games in the franchise introduce the dark knight to the world of adventure through the New Gotham storyline. Here he has to join forces with the rogue’s gallery against The Joker. Other adventures include Dark Knight Rises which sees The Joker face to face and Burt wards off enemies using a pair of Nike shoes.

Batman Comics

If you have been a huge fan of Batman comics, then you would go all out in trying to get your hands on the Batman video games. You will not just be playing a simple game where you have to maneuver a character through an environment. 

You will be playing a role in shaping the future of the superhero. There have been several versions of Batman, and each one of them offers something different. You will get to play as both the dark knight and the savior of Gotham City while saving the city.


Of course, you cannot forget to consider the various accessories that come with the game, as they are an integral part of playing video games. It is always best to play the Batman games on a platform that has a good frame rate, so that the action and the graphics are at their best. The bat cell and the bat plane are two of the more popular accessories that you can get for playing the Batman games on the PC. So if you have never played the best games that feature the Caped Crusader, then you should definitely look into getting your hands on one of the latest Batman games right away.

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