The Best Action Games For 2021

best action games

So you’re looking for the best action games on the planet. It’s easy enough to weed through the mess of poor games that masquerade as action games, so let’s skip right to the best. First off, a great game needs to have great graphics and a great soundtrack. There’s nothing worse than a game with horrible graphics, horrible music, and just generally poor programming. We don’t need any of that in our action games, so those are out. Also, you’re not going to find any RPG’s here either, nor any other shooters, since we already have dedicated video game lists for those.

An Overview

Let’s get serious, though. The best action games are ones that have great characters, great gameplay, and great story. This is where we separate the wheat from the chaff. Some action games are great at one thing, great for other people, but nothing works all the time. There are certain criteria we follow to figure out what makes a great action game and which aren’t worth the time. We’ll go over these different types of criteria next.

For first place, if we’re going to crown the best action-adventure games, then Tomb Raider Anniversary should be at the top of the list. Not only is it recognized by everyone, it also has some great reviews online. Tomb Raider Anniversary started life as a triple-headed lead character who had to save the world of England from a pack of vicious vampires. We know that the game is classic, and it’s well deserving of its position as the best action games. Even today, when new Tomb Raider games have come out, fans continue to support it and clamor for more sequels.

Sequel to Tomb Raider Anniversary

The next entry into the series is eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike. After all, the Tomb Raider series is known for its open-world combat and puzzles, so it’s easy to see how Crystal Dynamics make their game series so successful. Tomb Raider Anniversary presents an improved version of the first game in the series. Not only does it have better visuals, it also offers more puzzle game-like gameplay, like the exploration featured in Anniversary.

The next in the franchise, codenamed The Chronicles of Spellborn, is set several hundred years after the events of Tomb Raider Anniversary. In this game, an assassin named Cullen encounters a werewolf who claims to be the current leader of the vampires, causing Cullen to wonder if he can be part of their group. As with Tomb Raider Anniversary, the storyline involves exploring an open-world, completing quests, and battling enemies. The graphics, sound, and overall experience of The Chronicles of Spellborn is much more pleasing than that of the previous game in the series.

Final Game

The final game in the franchise, and one of the best action-adventure games of the year, are point-and-click adventure title, Avernum: The Tales of Van Helsing. Like Tomb Raider Anniversary, it featured an improved visual quality, and gameplay was changed up enough to keep us coming back for more. Avernum features an original storyline, along with more puzzle game-style combat, and adventure puzzles than any of the previous games. Although it is not as deep or engrossing as the other two, Avernum: The Tales of Van Helsing is still well worth the download cost.

The last release of the year, and one of our personal favorites, are Irritation, by XeZ. This is a new take on classic platforming, and if you like old-school Mario games, then this is for you. You play as Luigi and help Luigi get past the traps and puzzles that stand in his path. As you progress, you get to unlock new moves, weapons, and weapons that allow you to take on tougher opponents. Although it is lacking compared to the other platforming games released this year and lacks the unique charm of the others, it is still another great action-adventure game.


Our favorite choice for this year is Tomb Raider Anniversary, with its intense combat, excellent graphics, and memorable characters. It’s also easily one of the best adventure-style point-and-click games to come out this year. Not only does it have great action, puzzles, and combat, but also is a satisfying character study. After finishing the game, I felt like I had really gotten to know all of the main characters and felt like each had his or her own story to tell. It’s another great action-adventure game that will make you feel like you’re a part of something incredible and has enough quality content to make you want to play it time after time.

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