Super Striker League; Pitch Meets Battleground


If you love to get thrilled and competition in a game, then try out super striker league. Cinder Studio creates it. It released on the 30th of August. Cinder Studio leads by several other developers. The players will think that it is a simple game, but different. It is a soccer game by having some mechanics and actions. While you are finding yourself to hit a goal, your opponents slide tracks your ball to hit in their goal. All of these game patterns or mechanics are similar and smooth.

Music, mummies, bombs, and football are all shown up together in a super striker league game. Roblox’s one of the top creators and producers of the game. This game is a solid that pushes all the boundaries of the Roblox sports game. It is having a unique style, strategy, and design.

Super Striker League; Pitch Meets Battleground
Super Striker League; Pitch Meets Battleground

Super Striker League Special Features:

Some details catch a player’s attention.

Yellow bar: it slowly builds up while playing the game.

Green orbs: these will appear all around the pitch at some random times. It gives advantages to the players, like lightning speed and some other weapons to use against your opponents.

Super Striker League is presenting many arenas that are different. It has unique twists and style. Even there is a customization system that allows the players to upgrade the stats about the game. It upgrades when you play more, the better you become.

Cinder Studio, pulled out all the stops in pitch meets battleground. The stadiums in the super striker league will be beautiful, and the overall gameplay will be smooth and intuitive. And this game will be fun while playing with friends. This pitch meets battleground is proof to let your imagination go wild for sometimes. Super striker league is a blast if you choose to have a competition.

Pitch Meets Battleground:

Pitch meets battleground came with three maps. It makes to experience a creative style.

Eastern map: the players need to handle arrows in the game. It will be fired from a distance and from above. In the beginning stage, the opponent team helps to run into the arrows while you are focusing on the goal. You must attack them with your game abilities. This map’s music makes the players get a unique environment.

Sand map: in this map, players feel a unique experience as it is with an intense soundtrack. It makes the players in the mood to win the game. In this map, even mummies can appear and also blocks your sight in the game by not making you to the goal.

Super Striker League; Pitch Meets Battleground
Super Striker League; Pitch Meets Battleground

Striker stadium: this map is incredibly unique with style and design. It is like your favorite food that makes to feel good and treat when you have not had it — even Tron inspired by this Roblox’s designs.

For each game, you will be getting XP. It makes you equip or upgrade the gear and the abilities in the game. Special events even can be seen in this game that can impede your victory. It makes one of the best styles of Roblox’s game view. The Roblox wants their players to play with their method to win.