Standard Headset: Asus Cerberus Headset

Asus Cerberus Headset

If you were to look at the name of this popular peripheral, other than your standard headset, you are not alone: the Asus Cerberus headset also comes with an optical mouse and a membrane-type keyboard. The key feature about this product is that it does not have any wires coming out, making for easier portability, especially for those that travel around quite frequently.

Wireless Headphone

With an ergonomic design and a comfortable, round, earbud-sized chin rest, this wireless headphone has all the functions and features that one might want on a high-end audio set. It comes with a USB port for charging your cell phone, but no power cord; therefore, it can easily be worn on trips and long hikes without being plugged into the wall or a wall outlet.

Necessary Thigs While Playing is Optical Mouse
Standard Headset: Asus Cerberus Headset

Connecting Device: Asus Cerberus Headset

If you have always thought that a wired headset would be perfect for you, you will find that the Cerberus headset provides a wireless solution. A cord that goes from your earphones to your headphones is present but is not a permanent connection. It simply acts as a connecting device between your earphones and the headphones itself.

Very Sensitive And Capable

The Cerberus headphone’s microphone is very sensitive and capable but has no capability of picking up outside noise. This is not as big a problem as you may think because the microphone works in conjunction with a high-quality microphone and digital sound processor for recording and clarity.

Type Of Transmitter

To change the headset’s volume, you press a single button, so there is no need to fumble around while trying to adjust your headphones. The volume of your headphones depends on the type of transmitter you are using and the level of noise coming from the environment.

Asus Cerberus: Asus Cerberus Headset

You should note that the wireless connection of the Asus Cerberus is that it is quite slow, thus not being able to use it while you travel. That’s why it is important to ensure that you have a strong Wi-Fi signal to connect to the wireless internet.

Bluetooth Connection

Another issue is that this product’s wireless connection is slow when you are going to be using the Bluetooth connection. Therefore, you will have to make sure that your laptop and the wireless transmitter of your Asus Cerberus can reach each other to make the connection. Even if you are using Wi-Fi, you still need to make sure that it can keep up with the fast-changing wireless networks.

Make Good Choice

For those that travel a lot, this product is a good choice. The headphones are reasonably priced and provide you with great sound quality and functionality that one would expect from a good high-end audio set.

Comfort In Mind: Asus Cerberus Headset

These headphones are designed with comfort in mind, and you will surely be pleased with the product that you end up buying. The comfort of the headphones is excellent, and it can easily fit in the palm of your hands. There are no wires present, but it is also true that they do have a wireless feature.

Unreliable Connection

The Asus wireless connection of the product is also a good option and is extremely reliable. You will not have any unreliable connection whenever you want to talk to your friends, because you will have a good connection and won’t have to wait long before the connection is ready.

Battery Life: Asus Cerberus Headset

You do not need to worry about the battery life of the Asus Cerberus because it lasts for more than ten hours, and even longer if you are using the wireless feature to go through your phone’s data and Bluetooth connections. The headphones also can deliver the crisp and clear sound that you need.

Wireless Headphone For Gaming
Standard Headset: Asus Cerberus Headset


Asus Cerberus headphones will last for more than eight hours when placed on your ears, so you will be able to listen to music without having to change them often comfortably. The wireless feature of the headphones is another great benefit, as it is easy to install, and you don’t have to worry about using a USB cable or plugging and unplugging.

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