Racing Games: A Competition

Racing games are a genre of video games which include various cars, bikes, and different vehicles which compete with themselves. One can compete with AI technology offline as well as with real competitors online. The game can be played either in the first-person perspective or third-person perspective. The vehicles can be water, air, or land vehicles. Some games have space vehicle competitions too. The Racing games are termed under the category of sports games. It can be of high simulation as well as the simple arcade modes.

Racing Simulators

The racing games which obtain the simulation style are the replica of the real-life automobiles. It is realistic and has tough competition. The cars used in the games are licensed real cars and resemble the exact models. Some games build in their own fantasy cars, which have various other unrealistic features which one cannot install in real life. The behaviors of the vehicles are one of the main factors to run the game properly and efficiently. There are certain other realistic factors present in it apart from the look of the car. In an actual racing ground, one stops for fuel and tire repair.

There are certain aids which you can access from the game menu. These aids are basically used for beginners who are not skilled enough to drive high power cars. These aids are:

  • Automatic Gear Change
  • Anti-lock Brakes (ABS)
  • Traction Control (TC)
  • Clutch Assistance
  • Damage Resistance
  • Steering Assistance

Some racing games have simulators which are customizable. The gamers playing the games have already decoded the mechanism of cars, tracks, and different executable files. Internet communities, in the past years, have grown around various simulators and have contested many internet championships keeping in mind the various kinds of simulators. Few different types of simulators consist of Assetto Corsa, Forza Motorsport, Project cars, Gran Turismo, and various other simulators.

Kart Racing Games

Kart racing is yet another racing game full of adventure and excitement. It is a much simpler version, with easy mechanism and simple driving. These include obstacles, track designs, and various other action elements. The racing avatar one gets in Kart racing are replicas of famous cartoon characters or various known characters from different models. The cartoon characters include vehicles such as “wacky” vehicles. These games are more into Arcade mode rather than other classic modes or competition modes. There are obstacles one needs to clear to earn points. The points help in leveling up the vehicles for further competition. The clutch, as well as the gear, should be in a much secure position so as to follow up a perfect pace of the moving car.

The racing games are all-time favorite games and have been up in the charts for quite a long time. The most realistic car game is Asphalt 9, which is the most celebrated game all over the world. However, it is the top mobile game for playing arcades as well as classic competitions. It is a real-time game and has various competitors.

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