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It is one of the largest game publishers worldwide and has a number of well known and well loved computer game titles. A great deal of Rockstar’s success is owed to its strong licensing program. Rockstar is one of the few companies in the world that does not have any major licensed titles.

Most Popular Pc Game Titles

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Rockstar Games has created some of the most popular PC game titles on the market. The most popular of these is their Grand Theft Auto series. Although it has been adapted into many different forms, the original game is always a favorite. Each generation gets a new version, adding even more depth to the storyline. Other popular games are Max: The Ramblin’ Order, Conarium, and the upcoming Max & Lily: Home Rescue.

Max: The Ramblin’ Order takes place in an alternate version of Los Angeles. A wronged former bank employee who wants to start his own business sends his teenage daughter to live with him at his estate. Although he adores his daughter, his true passion is for Max. He wants her to experience all the excitement of traveling, exploring, and climbing the corporate ladder in the game. When she is captured by terrorists, Max must save her before the deadline.

Conarium is the follow up to Max & Lyla. As much as the first game ended with the couple on a beach, the second opens with them in deep space. As in the previous game, they are hunted by creatures from another planet. This time though, they arrive in the “real” planet to find out that creatures have imprinted themselves on earth. Max and Conarium gameplay involves exploration and puzzle-solving.

Max & Lyla 

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Max & Lyla is a platform game where the action takes place on-rails. The titles generally have several levels and various themes, like rock and roll, underwater, sci-fi, fantasy, and many more. In the beginning of the game, you can play as both Max and Lyla. If you swap their costumes, they will change into their supporting character, allowing for quick progress through each level.

Rockstar’s other popular series include Manhunt and Spy vs. Spy. Manhunt involves players hunting down suspects through an open world that is filled with crime scenes and heaps of treasure. The game progresses through a series of stages, and depending on your level, you can choose a specific time limit or continue playing from the last stage.

Spy vs. Spy 

Spy vs. Spy is a multi-player spy game in which you are required to execute a variety of different strategies to win. You can use the items in your inventory to perform secret tasks & missions, which help you to gather information about the suspects. The categories of objects include; plants, animals, letters, numbers & shapes. The categories also vary depending on your location. For instance, if you’re playing Spy Vs. Spy in San Francisco, you’ll find lots of possible clues in the surrounding area.

Final Words

To get the best deals on Rockstar Games, register for a membership first. With a Rockstar Games membership card, you can gain access to all the popular Rockstar Games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Manhunt 3, Bulletproof and the list goes on. Not only can you play their amazing video games, but you can also buy other Rockstar Games. For example, you can buy a special edition of the award-winning Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 2 or Xbox 360.

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