Mario 3D World: Retro Game Review

mario 3d world games

Super Mario 3D World is an all-new platform video game developed and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii U console in November 2013. It is the second official 3D Mario game for the Wii U console and the prequel to Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS. The game comes with a demo that allows users to try out the game for around 30 minutes. This review will focus on the game’s single-player mode. The game is set to be available at the end of October or the beginning of November, depending on which console you buy. Nintendo will offer the Wii Fit bundle with Super Mario 3D World when it comes out for Nintendo Wii U.

As with any Mario game, Super Mario 3D World features some great physics that allow the game to be played in many different ways. Mario can jump, do flips, and slide through obstacles. There are several different play styles available in this game as well.

Mario 3D World Games

Many of the challenges in Super Mario 3D World are like the classic Mario games, where you have to collect all the coins that are dropped before you can move on to the next level. Some of the challenges are completely new, though. For example, there is a tower defense game type environment where you have to defend your castle against waves of characters. You are also able to unlock new Super Mario Bros. character skins for your wardrobe. There are also some puzzle and skill challenges that you can do.

If you like the idea of collecting as many coins as you can to earn stars, then you will probably like this game. Your goal in the game is to collect all the stars that are available and to complete all the castles that are guarded by Goombas. Unlike the Mario games before, where you had to hit blocks to move on to another level, you now move in a straight line with no obstacles in most of the levels in Super Mario 3D World.

A Much Ado

Also, unlike the Mario games before, where you had to use the vertical flute to play the game, you can now play the flute while standing on the ground. This allows you to get a double hit in on a block, and it will result in an extra point. You also have special mushrooms that allow you to become invisible. The mini mushroom allows you to move at a faster pace, while the big mushroom lets you jump three times as high.

Super Mario 3D World introduces many new types of gameplay that the previous games did not have. For example, there are multiple colored coins that can be collected at each level. This helps you find the ones you need more quickly. There are also stars that appear when you collect coins. These stars help you move up the levels, and if you collect the most stars of a certain color group, you become a star master. Master stages are really fun to play, but there are sixteen possible stages to play in this game.

The sixteen different levels are all split up into categories. They range from the simple grassy green levels to the very difficult Ice Island, which has many moving platforms and spiked walls you must avoid. Each of these levels requires you to use special power-ups like the mini mushroom or the coin that allows you to glide. Some are locked out of the playing screen, and you have to key in codes in order to access them. The sixteen categories in this game are themed after various Nintendo franchises.

Bottom Line

Another fun feature in Super Mario 3D World is the mini Mario. This little guy will run around the edges of your platform, and if he touches something, he breaks it. You can throw him off a ledge, and he will come back to life, and you can pick him up to throw him around again. He is also able to perform some tricks that cause him to jump, like in the older versions of the game. These tricks include stomping on blocks or getting on top of a pipe.

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