Man Of Medan – Gets Free Friend Pass


There is good news for the lovers of “Man of Medan.” The game developers have come up with a new update called “The curator’s cut.” Therefore, you can play this game with one of your friends. Your friend need not own the game to play it. Yes, you have heard right that owners can now get a company while playing this fantastic game. The “friend pass” feature is soon going to be released in the upcoming November.

Man of Medan – Gets Free Friend Pass
Man Of Medan – Gets Free Friend Pass

Man Of Medan – Download The Curator Cut For Free

 I know the news is fantastic as now you don’t have to pay for the upcoming feature. The feature allows you to add a player who can play with you. However, the ‘Friend pass” option is for a limited time. You will be getting further updates on the free version very soon. According to a source, developers will be sharing details on it at the end of November.

Man Of Medan – Only One Of You Need To Own The Full Version

Previously, one can’t play the game unless they don’t have the full version of the game. But the tables have turned as now it requires only one owner. Your friend can play along with you for free. Having another player makes the video game more interesting.

 Man Of Medan – About The New Feature

To play this game, your friend needs to download the trial version of the game from the official website. \You can get this version easily on the Microsoft store. There is a requirement of “Xbox Live Gold” to utilize this feature. Furthermore, both you are your friends requires it to play the game together. You and your friend, both are good to go once you get the latest version along with the trail one.

Whoever owns the game needs to select the option “Don’t play alone” to activate the “friend pass.” In addition to it, don’t forget to choose the “shared story” option as well. The game promotes you as a host when you sent an invitation to your friend. After that, it will ask you whether or not you want to use the “friend pass.” Once your request gets accepted, you can start playing the game with your friend. However, do keep in mind that you can’t utilize the “friend pass” more than once.

Shared Story Mode – A Different Experience

Players are excited to use shared story mode since its announcement. The new feature will give you a chilling experience while playing the game. The creators have more good news for you. Previously, the curator’s cut was a pre-bonus offer, but now you can have it for free.

Man of Medan – Gets Free Friend Pass
Man Of Medan – Gets Free Friend Pass

Feel free to download it from the Xbox store. After the completion of the installation process, it will get unlock once you complete the main story. Besides this, you can play alternative scenes at once, which wasn’t possible before.


 I hope the context of “Man Of Medan” will be helpful for you. The game will be live on November 27. Till then, you can entertain yourself reading contents about it.