Make Your Day Amusing With These 3 Free Games No Download

free games no download

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The concept for this game is that you are a part of a movie called Betrayal where your task is to act out the roles of betrayers and the crewmates. The betrayers need to use distractions to kill the crewmates and of course, the crewmates need to complete the task to win. It looks like Among Us but the game is pretty cool in terms of graphics.

Tanki Online 

Free Games

It is a browser-based multiplayer tank game that defines tank-based arcade combat very well. It’s super easy to hop straight in control of the tank and blast some enemies away. The controls need only a keyboard and the recent port of HTML5 ensures that the performance is really solid. It makes Tanki Online a great choice for those who are using Chromebooks. Simple gameplay but with the mixed difficulties of different modes is the specialty of Tanki Online. is the latest addition to the game trend and this time it is a snake-like multiplayer game. Its working is quite simple. When you start, it is small and you need to eat the neon cubes left behind by the enemy snakes which increases your length. You die if you bite your tail. It is almost simple to the Snake Xenxia game of old Nokia mobile phones. But the biggest difference is that supports multiplayer mode also which makes it more interesting than snake one. It is one of the best recommendations in free games with no download. 

Minecraft Classic

Don’t have much space for Minecraft on your device? Don’t worry, try out Minecraft Classic. For those who want to get a dose of Minecraft, Minecraft classic is a great option. But, in the browser, one can run its original 2009 version. It gives you 32 blocks of build with the original interface and all the technical quirks and glitches too. While it’s most definitely rough around the edges. But, still, it allows you to invite your friends for a multiplayer session. 


Raidland, a third-person class-based PVP action game that forges a new path in the browser gaming scene for its fast-paced range combat. Hopping in the game is easy- one click of the play button and you will be dropped into a match where you choose one of three classes.


Playing in-browser games or free games with no download is comparatively better than playing heavy games like PUBG, Call of Duty, etc. These in-browser games are non-addictive and don’t consume any large portion of the memory of your device. So, it’s better to switch to the free games with no download rather than purchasing skins or coins on paid heavy and addicting games. If you still want some simpler free games with no download.

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