List Of Best Character Action Games

best character action games

Do you love action superheroes? Well, everyone has their favorite action hero. So for action lovers, we have brought a list of top action games that can be played with great fun and enthusiasm.

1. God of War 2018

The God of War of 2018 has pushed the genre forward not to be propelled since the DMC revolutionized it essentially back in 2001. It was just the entire package: Magnificent visual, an exceptional battle which took on the core tenets of the previous fight of the God of Wars, adapting them to an entirely different style of play; the history of the epic, which is also very emotional and related. God of war is not only a huge jump in the action genre; it is also a jump in the game.

2. Ninja Gaiden Black

While Devil May Cry has always been the “stylish” prototype, the Black Ninja Gaiden offered anything else. It is hyper-focused on non-stop attacks with enemies that would smother you with a sword slash, shurikens, gunfires, rockets, and every other way. But Ninja Gaiden is happy to provide you with the necessary instruments to deal with her intense challenge. The movement of Ryu Hayabusa feels better than any other action game.

He’s extremely mobile; he can run on walls, use a jumping dash slash called a flying swallow to pass through enemies, jump off the enemy’s heads, and immediately take the essence up and run a powerful ultimate technique by timing a heavy slash right when you land. The “dance,” which all great action games must be learned before you can excel in combat, is the most fun to find out and perform the Ninja Gaiden Blacks dance.

3. Devil May Cry 5 

It is a stylish action, featuring three unusual play styles that are all fun in their way, an incredible increase of skills to make you feel like a god when you finish, and a quality of life improvements worth two generations that will only make it more fun to play than Devil May Cry 3. While Nero was introduced in Devil May Cry 4, a game that has just missed out on this list, it also feels full in DMC5 with its Devil Breaker, which adds to this gameplay the personalization and variation it deserves to share with Dante.

4. Devil May Cry 3

Put, since it was released back in 2005, Devil May Cry 3 has been a gold standard of the action genre. It is unforgettable to mark it in the action genre. Devil May Cry 3 is only free when it comes to ways you can play with its fight, which in video games is unique. This is a combat game with a depth and complexity level, typically reserved for fighting games, without sacrificing its appeal to people who don’t necessarily want to dig that deep.

5. Metal Gear Rising

A rush of dopamine and endorphins in the brain can trigger a few things like blocking the giant Metal Gear arm with a small sword, then throwing it in the air and cutting it down in two, with just one clean strike, as the natural rules play.

Metal Gear Rising is cool with extra movement and combat, the ability to slice through almost everything, and a quick run that makes you feel like a Jedi with the ability to deflect bullets automatically.

So, these are the top action games to play in 2021. Tell us about your favourite action game in the comment section below.

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