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3d gaming

Gaming is an international phenomenon where the players get the opportunity to enjoy interactive computer games that incorporate 3D graphics and also digital sound effects. Hence, the term “3D Gaming” refers to the use of video games which are designed in this manner. 3D computer games provide an experience similar to real world gaming except for the fact that the player can actually feel that he is “entering” the world of the game through the screen.

Early attempts to create 3D graphics involved the use of stereo glasses and light filters, but it was a hit with the enthusiasts for technology who made use of it in creating stereo head-mounted displays (HMD). stereoscopic 3d gaming is graphical computer entertainment which is graphically presented from three dimensions using two dimensional stereo glasses or light filters. In early years, the creation of stereo glasses was complex and time consuming, and required expertise. In the 1990s, the emergence of computer chip technology and development of software tools for the same made it possible for creating high quality stereo glasses with just a few instructions. Stereo 3d gaming has become common among hobbyists who use PC based consoles for the purpose.

An Overview

Currently, there are numerous technologies available for creating high quality nforce plasma and s-3d tv display adapters which can be used to integrate gaming consoles with personal computers. Currently, two technologies are available which enable the users to attach plasma and LCD television to computers. One such technology is referred to as Blurry Gaming Post processor which is manufactured by ATI Technologies Limited and Advanced Game Programmers (AGP) also by ATI Technologies Limited. Both companies have produced high quality nforce television output adapter(s) which are compatible with the AGP and nforce gaming cards.

The second technology which is becoming popular among hobbyist game developers is known as AMD FX. This new technology can be used with AMD computer systems and enables rendering of 3d graphics on the computer screen. Most importantly, it enables support for the latest version of the xbox games. Several game developers are using the new TVs by Microsoft which are compatible with the AGP cards in order to develop games for the new generation consoles such as Xbox 360 and Xbox.

Advantage of Mobile Gaming

Another option available for developing new graphics is the use of the Shader ray tracing program developed by Pixar which is capable of emulating the methodologies of real-time 3d rendering. The program is available as open source software and is being used by numerous video game developers for rendering virtual reality graphics. In order to develop games, the programmers make use of this program in order to simulate the effects of rendered images using the computer hardware. As we know, 3d graphics are available only through the usage of the new technology called virtual reality wherein the user is placed inside a complex environment and is required to perform complicated tasks in order to proceed further.

Nowadays, one of the most popular companies that has made use of this new tech in order to produce quality VR solutions is Nvidia. It was discovered by the group named “Nvidia” that the combination of two technologies could result in the best possible solution in terms of high end performance and also affordability. This is how the company was able to produce the now popular tech called nVidia Shield. It is important to mention that the reason why such innovative new features became very popular is because it is based on the combination of two technologies namely – the PhysX and Nvidia Gamudo techs.

One of the main features of such a 3d gaming solution is the implementation of the deferred rendering technique. This is a technique that renders the scene with no delays and is very well suited for low impact gaming experience amongst casual gamers. For hardcore gamers, it offers a realistic rendering of the scene and a great playing experience. Besides, it also provides a very stable frame rate and therefore is ideal for the gamers who like to play at high frame rates.

Bottom Line

The next step that this company takes in order to bring out the best gaming experience for their consumers is through the incorporation of the Maxwell technology in the form of the Maxwell architecture. The main logic behind this is the belief that mobile devices can deliver high resolution, high definition audio and video along with the required power and this is where mobile gaming comes in. The company is also taking full advantage of its position in the mobile world by developing the Gear VR viewer which can be used with the Gear VR headset. With this technology developed by the company, mobile gamers can enjoy all the benefits of a traditional television like full theatre and a wide screen, just by using a mobile TV hooked up to a computer via the internet. Hence, it is evident that with the introduction of Gear VR, mobile gaming has taken a whole new turn and looks all set to make quite an impact in future.

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