Here Are Some Old Video Games You Should Try Out

Video games are a great deal of pleasure to relax the mind. The videos games today are much better in graphic and play styles. 20th and 21st century has witnessed the evolution of the gaming industry with new and exciting games launched every year. But the old days were classic with the amazing fun video games where these hi-tech world gaming consoles were not seen. It’s good to feel nostalgic sometimes to remember those classic Old Video Games legends that gave the gaming industry a good start. Here’s a list of the famous video game hits of old times that would take one back to the old days. 

Super Mario

The first in the list of popular Old Video Games is Nintendo’s most successful and most played game “Super Mario”. Everyone has once in life have either heard or played this exciting game. The game had a series of Mario saving the princess and other series like Super Mario Bros, super Mario kart, Super Mario 64, Super Mario run, etc. This was a legendary hit back in the time. 


Contra is still in talks and the fans are still nostalgic about the game. This is another hit on the list of Old Video Games that has everyone’s heart for run and gun games. This game was fascinating enough to go for hours saving the earth from the Red Falcons. What an amazing experience it was with Contra. The old days are gold! 


The list of Old Video Games without Tetris are impossible. Tetris is a 1980s tile-matching game that was a favorite pass time for everyone. It was also a brainstorming game that used the brain to its fullest to beat the high scores out. 


Pacman is another well-known legend in the gaming industry. This has been the most played and a massive hit in the gaming industry. The game was also upgraded in the later versions with Pacman reviving after being dead. This game is a real classic console game in the list of Old Video Games. 

Sonic The Hedgehog 

Sonic The Hedgehog is a great Japanese game series that is owned by Sega. The blue hedgehog in the game fights against the evil Doctor and scientist. This was so popular that till now the owner is launching newer series chapters and versions of this game. This video game series has also got movie series that is a hit now that takes people back to the old days. 


The well-known first-person shooter video game among the Old Video Games that’s still a hit today. This game has so many different versions and series with also many recent launches. The battle between the counter-terrorists and the team was a classic battle to start experiencing the first-person shooter games. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is still a popular game that has not lost its charm yet. 


This isn’t the end of all the fun classic old games. Games like Tekken, Street Fighter, Space Invaders, Duck Hunt, Adventure Island, Dave, Spacewars, The legend of Zelda, etc are some other famous well-known popular games of the old times that have left a great impact on people’s minds. If someone still hasn’t heard or tried any of these amazingly hyped popular video games, then there’s still a chance to experience these legends of the gaming industry. One wouldn’t be bored of these games easily. Happy gaming!

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