Free 3d Games And Other Ideas To Improve Your Gaming Experience

There are a lot of free 3d games to choose from and on various platforms. Let us look at three of the many. 

Critical Ops

It is one of the free 3d games that come under the shooting genre. Referred to as the Counter Strike of mobile in this game, you team up with people and play against others online. It has a straightforward, no-nonsense play, as one can gather through its design. For example, the sparse menu system seems to be outlined to get one into the game as soon as possible. The game has various customization elements, competitive game types, many unlockable weapons, and great controls. You can choose to play chill or do a competitive one or even do customized games for you and your playmates. The in-app purchases that exist are related to customization elements like weapon skins. If not wanting to spend money, you can earn credits by completing daily missions. It provides the fairest playing field as compared to its other free counterparts. 


Arid is a free survival 3d game played on the pc, where after a plane crash, you have to fight long enough in a scorching desert and survive. It is a game created by students of the Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and is available on Steam. The 3d desert environment of the game is spectacularly done, even to the extent of feeling the heat of the place. The landscapes are utterly still and dry, and you can feel the sun rays on your body as you walk over the dusty ground. The heat of the sun also becomes a threat to survival and so you need to find shadowy areas for cover or smear your body with clay that you find. But the suspicious regions, like the caves, are spooky, too, being all pitch black. Overall, it is a recommended game if you want to experience a harsh survival experience. 

The Republia Times

The game puts you into the shoes of the editor-in-chief of the national newspaper. This 3d game is made by the creator of Return of the Obra Dinn. Every day you must choose which news stories to publish and how much space for each should be spared. You should make sure to pick flattering stories, with larger spaces stipulated, as these will increase loyalty. It will impact the popularity of your paper and the government’s approval. You aim to balance your political agenda with gripping articles that secure a large reader base.


There are many such free 3d games, for Android, for pc, and even on the web. You can pick a game according to what interests you. There are lot of free games available that you can actually scrutinize and send it to your child so that they play and keep themselves engaged. These are less-violent and still engaging enough to keep the kids entertained as long as they would like to play.

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