Fighting Games Are Very Famous


There are many fighting games that you will find in the Play Stores. However, some of them are very famous among players. The multiplayer games have gained popularity for its features and Battle arenas. With the smartphones available in the market The Gamers prefer to play in their mobile or desktop. 

Fighting Games Are Very Famous
Fighting Games Are Very Famous

The Best Fighting Games Available In Play Store

Mini Militia

The mini militia is a combat game. You can play it in multiplayer mode with your friends. It is is an online game and very famous among teenagers. At one time, 6 to 12 players can play. The game has many modes, and you can train yourself in an offline way. Some of the weapons like Sniper gun, shotgun, etc. are present in the game.

War Wings A Fighting Games

War wings is a multiplayer air combat game. You can customize your World War II warplane by climbing up to the cockpit. Once you reach the sky, you are in the battle. You can either fly solo for team up with your friends. You can also battle against many players in the world and take your game globally. 

Players Unknown Battleground

Players Unknown Battleground is also known as PUBG and is one of the famous multiplayer battle games in the Play Store. You can play the game in single mode duo or a squad. The players are assembled in a place and taken in a flight. The players can jump in the selected areas. The game is about killing the other players or squads. There are various weapon choices in the game like Sniper guns shotguns etc. The game starts with a hundred players, and the only one remaining wins the match. It is very famous among teenagers and other gamers. 

Fighting Games Are Very Famous
Fighting Games Are Very Famous

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a strategic battle game. You can either plate alone or as a duo. You can join various Clans and Battle together against others. The game is about selecting proper troops to defeat the opponent. You can practice the game without losing points. However, there is no offline mode available. The game is famous among teenagers and is played worldwide.


Counter-Strike, also commonly known as CS GO, is a multiplayer battle game. You need to play the battle in teams. It is a realistic game. There are various weapon options. The game is all about diffusing or placing a bomb in a particular area. The opponent team will either be diffusing the bomb for placing the bomb. You need to kill the members of the other side. A player has a few lives, which means you can reappear after dying. There are several rounds before the winner is declared. It is a very famous game and played globally.

Shadow Fight A Fighting Games

Shadow Fight is an epic battle game. It allows you to choose the weapons that you need for the battle. All you need to do to win the fight is to use your martial art skills. Thereafter, you can be the one to open the gate of Shadows.