Fighting Games: Adventurous Addiction

Fighting Games: Adventurous Addiction

Every child likes to play games. Games may be of different categories. Some games are outdoor games known as sports, but some others are virtual called video games. In this category, some games are built with the instinct of fighting. These are featured games.

About Fighting Games

Fighting games are developed in a way that they give a thrill to the players. Since these games are based on the combat between several characters. Therefore the players in the form of characters fight with each other. Games continue until any player defeat his opponent or times up.

Techniques Used In Playing

The game consists of several rounds to play. Players must have a lot of abilities to win a game. These abilities can be getting in the continuation of that game. Namely, these abilities are Blocking, attacking skills, countering others, and so on.

History Of Online Fighting Games

The fighting game had started in the early 1990s when the craze to video game was developing in the children as well as young generations. Most of the fighting game allowed players to attempt some attacks on their opponents.

For this purpose, they made these games in such a manner that fighting seems to be real. Therefore the basis of these games is close combat.

Different Types Of Online Fighting Games

The first-ever fighting game was Heavyweight Champ. This game was built in 1976 by SEGA. Though the graphic of this game was black and white. This was the first hand to hand fighting game so far. Although in 1987 SEGA modified its own game to be a better version of it.

Fighting Games: Adventurous Addiction
Fighting Games: Adventurous Addiction

The company made this game in a colored feature. Now there are some new ones like reasonable control on the game and throwing actual punches improved graphics.

Karate Champ       

Karate Champ was a top-rated game. In fact, it was the first fighting game which gone popular one-on-one. This game was an arcade game developed in Japan.

In this game, players have the ability to perform the verity of moves. Therefore these moves could be controlled by using a joystick.

Street Fighter

Japan developed this game in 1987. It was popularized by its short form as SF. The first game of this series was a simple but addictive game. This game was followed by another five such games. Though in this series of game Street Fighter II was the best selling game.

The Impacts Of Online Fighting Games

Although fighting games makes anyone thrilled, they are very harmful to a player as they develop the violence thought in the player’s mind. Hence anyone can be affected by these negative thoughts.

Disadvantages Of Online Fighting Games

Another significant disadvantage of a fighting game is an addiction to these games. When anyone starts to play these fighting game, he feels a different state of enjoyment because of the features and strategies of these game.

But after some time he finds that now he cannot feel relax without playing the games, this is an addiction.

Addiction to the fighting game is very harmful to a player in this manner that it sucks the time.

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