Esports In The 2019 SEA Games: Everything -

Esports In The 2019 SEA Games: Everything

Esports in the 2019 SEA Games: Everything You Need to Know

Esports is one among the gaming company which has grown tremendously in the last few years. They have changed the era of gaming. It leads to the questions in mind of everyone; if this boom will bring any change in the traditional competitive events. These questions are answered to some extent by the event organizers of the upcoming 2019 SEA Games. They revealed esports will be a part of these games.

This drastic change in esports is done by Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Singapore-based gaming firm Razer. In November 2018, he led the campaign for including esports in the SEA Games. The company promoting games by offering a supply of all software, hardware devices, and services. With this, they will help the organizer to involve games in the main event.

Esports in the 2019 SEA Games: Everything
Esports in the 2019 SEA Games: Everything

The Inaugural Esports Event in the SEA Games

After the inclusion of Esports in the SEA Games, the Philippine SEA Games Organizing Committee explain that six games will be there in the main event. These are Arena of Valor, Hearthstone, and others. These games will play on three different platforms (PC, console, mobile) and will be looked after by the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Esports Union. This group will also look after the official roster of Filipino delegates.

In SEA Games, along with the Philippines the host country, there are 10 other countries that will participate in the event. They are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam and Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore. The organizing committee also revealed the names of participating candidates which will represent their country, their team name is Sibol, which means “growth.” Malaysia has also given the list of their players for each game, with Team name Unicorn for DOTA 2, Team Shopee Bossku, Ranger and others for various games.

Team Participation

Vietnam has not yet provided a list of representatives for the Games, but Mocha ZD, the team which represented the country and won the Arena of Glory 2019 event, is expected to participate. Other countries have yet to the given a list of their players who are participating in the game and will represent their country.

Esports in the 2019 SEA Games: Everything You Need to Know
Esports in the 2019 SEA Games: Everything

The participant-level seems good and will make the event more successful and competitive. These will also lead the Esport to decide further structure and future of these games. The success of these games will help the organizer to think of further promotions and organizing these events.

This will lead to the beginning of a new era or drastic change in the view of the organizing committee and other peoples for these games. It will also lead to the acceptance of these games in the major events organized worldwide. The teams are well prepared for the competition and showcase their skill set to the world. The organizing committee is also excited about the event. Various participating countries crowd is also excited to see the battle between different countries online. This is really going to be one of the greatest events in sports. Export is also excited about the same.

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