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Meta- If you play video games, the article is for you. It tells you tricks to choose the best video game and to be a suitable video game controller.

Video games are a way to ignore reality, become a hero, and kill some time. Video games have become an entertaining part of our life and in the history of game development. The video game control mechanism has become more and more sophisticated. Perhaps those who have quit video gaming and have never played one look at the video game controller concept as too difficult to play. Gaming becomes more popular with new, shorter games available on every platform. Many input devices are available, which are used to play video games like controller keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick, paddle, trackball. To feel delighted and enjoy the game, you need to have a video game controller.

Video Game Controller And Benefits

A fun way of learning – people’s perception through video games is better than conventional methods, especially children, learn quickly by video games. Also, kids have no terror of making mistakes when they learn through video games. And these video game controllers make your game much better. A safe and economical way of learning-specifically simulator games, helps people evolve their new skills in a particular area. It is an easy way to teach students who are least interested in the study. We can make their experience much better with the video game controller.

Today’s best video game controller

1.XBOX One- IN 2013, Microsoft released the Xbox one and, with it, the controller. This gave a sleeker controller without a bulky battery pack.

2.Play station 4- sony playstation 4 controllers came out in 2013 and added a newer feature, the touchpad. Other than that, they made it much sturdier and lightweight.

3. Dualshock- sony’s next controller, came with the PlayStation two and was made in 1997. This controller was the best at the time, with two bumpers and triggers in the back and two analog sticks. This controller was eventually made into a wireless version, but it still stands that it was one best.

Video Game Controller And Addiction

Video Game Controller has made the experience more exciting, but it has made kids more addicted to games. Video games are becoming detailed, increasingly complex, and compelling to a proceeding international audience of players. Studies estimate that ten 10 percent to fifteen percent of the organization’s criteria for addiction. Addicted violent video gamers tend to become violent players who spend excessive time in front of violent video games and become very dangerous for society. Many are quick to point out that avid gamers have carried out most school shootings in recent years, and their games by choice were always dark and violent.


For having a good experience in video games, you should choose a suitable video game controller. If you can balance video games and life, video games will be beneficial to you. The market has provided a number of video game controller options; you have all the choice to select best for you.

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