Children’s Games: 4 Interesting Children’s Game Every Kid Would Love

children's games

Kids’ games are an important part of children’s development. They teach children to interact, cooperate and socialize with others. Plus they help children develop a variety of skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. There are many children’s games out there but here are four you should know about:


Tag is one of the most popular children’s games. It’s also called “It” or “tagging.” The game begins with someone, usually an older child, being chosen as “It.” This person tries to tag other children who are not “it.” If a player gets tagged, they become “it.” Tag is typically played outside with children running and chasing each other until someone gets tagged and becomes the new “It.”

This game can help children develop social skills like cooperation and teamwork by having them work together in teams against the “tagger” until they eventually catch him or her off guard for that final tag!

According to Education World Magazine, children’s games like Tag are “wheels in children’s minds.” As children chase each other around they’re improving their speed and agility while also learning about turns, curves, angles.

Hide and seek

The children’s game of hiding and Seek has been around for hundreds of years. There are many variations, but the one that is popular in Western culture today was probably invented by children living on the East Coast of America during the early 1800s. The children would take turns hiding while an “it” searched for them, then it would become “it” and so forth.

The game is typically played outdoors with relatively few players (sometimes just two) who stay within a certain area or close to home. If you know someone who likes this game, invite them over! It might be fun to play together!

Red light green light

In this children’s game, children have to stop when they hear the word “green” and start again when they hear “red.” Whoever gets to the finish line first wins. You can also play this game with two teams of children competing against each other. One team will be on the green while the other is on the red. The team that finishes first (or reaches a certain number of points) is declared the winner.

This children’s game is a great way to help children learn when they should stop and go, but also how they can use this skill in their everyday lives.

Duck, duck goose

Duck, duck goose is a children’s game in which one player chases the others around in a circle while everyone holds hands. The person who is “it” tries to catch someone with their hand when they say “duck!” (or “goose!”). If they do, that person becomes “it” and the chase continues. If not, then the chased children become free to run again.

The game can be played by any number of children at once; it’s also possible for adults or children playing with each other to take turns being “it”. A variation on this game called “wolf-sheep-cabbage” has been played in some European countries where sheep are replaced by children called cabbage.

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