Check Out These Top 5 3D Police Games For Android

Every other child wants to be a superhero. As they grow, it becomes more of action & intrigue. The 3D Police Games give them a chance to be cops, super-sleuths, or detectives. These are not only about chasing cars, but the best 3D Police Games also let you dig through the crime scenes & pull out the bad guy. Some of the best 3D police games are mentioned below-

  1.  City Police Dog simulator 3D

Rating – [4.3/5.0] [68Mb]

It is an action-packed & challenging game that consists of multi-levels. A police-dog transport & strategy game in which you will take your police-dog to a destination through the sky-ramp tracks.

Game features – Police trained German shepherd dog.

– Powerful police trucks

– Stunning quality 2D graphics

– Good quality sound effect

– Many challenging levels

– Grand adventure of criminal case

  1.  Police Chase – Heli Sniper

Rating – [4.3/5.0] [58Mb]

It’s a mind-blowing car chase game with a new style of car racing games. You are street police in a crime city driving a car behind the thief to chase him.

Game features – Gangster city with impossible missions

– Multiple car models

– 2 modes- racing mode & sniper shooting game

  1.  Let’s be cops 3D

Rating – [4.2/5.0] 88Mb

We have code 6! Protect the streets! Keeping your eyes open for anyone not following the law, be it a speeding car or criminals who should be fined. Use your police scanner to get a closer look. A seven-day subscription for  $5.49 per week after a three-day free trial period is also available for ad-free gaming.

Game features– Be a cop.

–       Chase down the criminals.

–       Customize your car.

–       Multiple environments. 

–       Protect the city.

  1.  Police Car Driving Sim

Rating – [4.1/5.0] [51Mb]

It allows you to go to extreme speeds in supercharged police cars & jump off the biggest stunts. Nitro boosts your police sports cars onto unique stunts & tricks to perform the world’s most amazing stunts like loop de loop. Choose from a wide choice of police vehicles & be the best police officer stunt driver in the stunt & drift city.

Game features- Dynamic camera angles for multiple views.

– The best car driving physics.

– Two huge open-world city environments, stunt city & drift city.

– Realistic vehicle damage.

– High-quality modeled off real sports cars!

– Both touch & tilt controls.

  1.  Airport Police Dog Duty Sim

Rating – [4.1/5.0] 45Mb

In this game, you can chase & catch the escaping criminals. Check suspicious people for drugs & weapons, prevent drug traffickers from smuggling drugs. Attack & catch the terrorists trying to blow up airplanes and lastly, help officers in the most critical shoot-out scenarios.

Game features – Realistic 3D Airport Environment

– Choose your own police dog from a variety

– Smooth & intuitive controls

– Thrilling & challenging mission.


 Get yourself a bag of fries & a cup of coffee and check these out on your android device. Then, Let me know which one turned out to be your No.1 in the comment section below.

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