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Why do I love video games so much? It’s simple really, I use words to play! When I say play, I mean turn on the TV at home and play some. When I say game, I mean pick up a controller and hop on a computer or PlayStation. That’s my basic usage of the term, but when I’m shopping for video games, I don’t use the word game. When I use these stores near me in Connecticut, I’m not playing video games or even looking for them, but it’s clear to the person shopping that I’m a fan.

So, why do I use words like play and video games to describe myself? Well, most people do the same thing, they just don’t do it so often or in such a way that makes it obvious. I think we all have similar goals when we shop. We want to get the best value for our money, we want to save time by not having to travel to see game stores in other cities, and we want the variety and new experiences that come with being able to play games with friends and family in locations we can’t get to otherwise.

An Overview

Now, when you’re shopping for something that’s used and that you haven’t played much, use words that don’t have to be “used” to describe it. That’s what I’ve been doing since I was a teenager! I found my favorite book in a bookstore in Connecticut, the author wasn’t a household name, but the story was great and I read it over. I didn’t use the word book or the word author, but it felt good to know that someone else found the story worthy and was willing to put the book down on paper.

Go to your local mall and ask people what they like. Ask them where they shop. See if you can find someone who’s worked there or knows the owners of the stores. They may be kind enough to tell you where they got the video games they now have at their house or what type of games they used to have at their house. Ask them how long they’ve been there and then use words that aren’t used to describe the store – but still used to describe the items – and see what pops out as the most popular among the people you talk to.

Finding the Best Stores

Use the same technique with stores you aren’t familiar with. Tell a friend you know where you got your Wii and asked her where she got it. Be sure to include the specific store – if she has more than one store, you might get lost with all of the other stores she’s told you about.

Use language that’s easy to understand, isn’t too complex, and sounds natural. If you were talking about a video game store location in your own town, for example, you wouldn’t use the phrase “down the street” or “in town.” Instead, you would probably say something like “down the road from here, at this address.” The same goes for any other store locations you want to talk about. Just keep the sentence short, and it will come out sounding natural and easy to understand.

Ask a friend how she got her Wii, and ask her about all the stores around her that sell them. Include your own names in the question, too. You can also use words like “website,” “home Facebook,” and so forth. Ask her if she remembered any retro game store locations when she was looking through her home Facebook a few hours ago. You can make up a bunch of questions like these to turn it into a conversation, and you’ll learn which of your friends and Facebook friends might be able to help you out.

Bottom Line

Using these sentences in Facebook conversations is another great way to turn those questions you might have lost into something that turns you into a better friend. If you don’t have anyone you know with access to those specific places, then online reviews are your best bet. Be sure to give as much detailed information as possible. Then, when you are ready, tell these people where you found the best stores near you.

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