Best Roblox Shooting Games to Play with Friends

There are zombie games, competitive shooters, and games where the grind is all about earning new weapons and cosmetics. This list covers some of the best shooting games in Roblox.

Zombie Uprising

Zombie Uprising has seen a huge uptick in players thanks to its month-long August 2021 event. There are tons of new weapons, a new map, weapon attachments, upgraded models, and lots more. It definitely fits into our list of the best zombie games on Roblox right now.

Team up with your friends or play solo as you battle against greater and greater waves of zombies. Earn in-game currency by playing the game and you can unlock some awesome skins for your weapons and character.

Energy Assault

Energy Assault is a fast-paced futuristic FPS with loads of iconic weapons and even more iconic maps, including the famous Carentan. This is probably one of the best-looking games on this list.

Rank up by winning matches and getting kills. Each time you rank up you earn more cosmetics, weapons, skins, and get to show off to other players on the server.

Bad Business

Bad Business is an intense Roblox shooter game with a prestige system, lots of different weapons that you can build into unique loadouts, and tons of cosmetic items to customize your character.

Bad Business is extremely fast-paced. Running with your knife out makes you go faster but it’s the bunny-hopping and quick movement that makes this such a fun game to play. It’s very addictive and easily goes close to the top of the list for the best Roblox games with guns.

S.W.A.T Simulator

S.W.A.T Simulator is split into two games really: the training exercises where you learn how to raid rooms and buildings, then a bunch of unique scenarios where you have to put those skills to the test. This could even fit into our list of the best Simulator games in Roblox, but we’ve stuck it in shooting games.

You can play with authentic S.W.A.T gear and weapons, either with your friends or on your own. It’s a highly-rated game but not that popular on Roblox, but you should definitely go and check it out if it sounds like fun.

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces has been one of the leading FPS games on Roblox since 2015. Over the past five years, it has received over one billion visits and receives regular updates with new guns and maps.

What makes the game stand out from the rest? Well, it features some very advanced mechanics for a Roblox game, including Bullet Drop, Bullet Velocity, and gun balance that is regularly tweaked. There are five game modes in Phantom Forces: Team Deathmatch, Flare Domination, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag and Kill Confirmed.

kat roblox game

KAT, or Knife Ability Test, is a fast-paced Roblox game all about throwing knives and shooting guns. First released back in 2017, the game currently has over 500 million visits. It received its last update back in November 2020 but has enough content to keep you happy while you wait for the next one.

Like other Roblox games, this one is all about grinding for special weapons. There are cool knives like the Ghost Knife, Laser Knife, and Explosive Knife which are unlocked with gems, the game’s currency. Everything can be purchased with Robux, if you prefer.

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