Best Downloadable Action War Games

action war games

Do you get an adrenaline rush when you play action war games? Then you must download these best ones and enjoy with friends.

Gears of War 2 

What it is: A third-person shooter and the second title in the Xbox exclusive trilogy from Epic Games. 

Where you can play it: Xbox One via backwards compatibility and Xbox 360.

In spite of its entirely fictional subject matter, Gears of War is a series steeped in real-world influences with regards to its presentation of war. So why place Gears of War 2 on this list over the rest? Well, the sequel’s dramatically sweeping scope takes the focus off of the “Gears” of the title to instead double down on the “War” part, dealing in broad strokes and grand gestures to convey the sheer scale of the conflict ravaging across Sera. 

You fight alongside hundreds of COG soldiers, save entire cities from being destroyed, and gut a giant, world-eating worm from the inside out. If there’s any lesson to be had from Gears of War 2, it’s that war is unceasing, ever consuming and has little concern for the micro.

Battlefield 1

What it is: A first-person shooter and the latest title in DICE’s Battlefield franchise, this time set in World War One. 

Where you can play it: PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Battlefield 1 is a game of two disparate parts. One the one hand, you have a sombre campaign which sincerely delves into the human cost of war. Then there’s multiplayer, which turns the WW1 setting into an arena for digital sport. Putting multiplayer aside for one second, however, it’s hard to deny that the team behind Battlefield 1’s campaign did a fine job of conveying the themes of World War 1 we’re so familiar with – hope, tragedy, heroism, grief – in a  manner well suited to the advantages of the medium.

Its opening level, for instance, brings an intelligent spin to the “game over” trope, as each death doesn’t lead to an instant reset, but becomes an opportunity for bleak remembrance, as the camera pauses to commemorate each soldier’s life before briskly moving to another fighter on the field. For a big budget first-person shooter, these are ambitious creative decisions indeed, and together creates something that DICE can and should be proud of.

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

What it is: The seventh instalment in the WW2-based first-person shooter series from Gearbox.

Where you can play it: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

2008 was clearly the watershed year for squad-based combat, with both Battlefield: Bad Company and Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway releasing within a few months of each other, to much the adulation of their respective fans. While Bad Company was a strong debut that paved the way for an even better sequel, it’s Hell’s Highway that still stands out as a memorable high-point for the Brothers in Arms series, with the dramatic poetry underscoring the campaign juxtaposed effectively against the fierceness of both the visuals and gameplay. 

Hell’s Highway deals with the subjects of brotherhood, PTSD, and leadership, but the gunplay itself isn’t left lacking either, complemented by fine-tuned squad command mechanics that still hold up today. At the very least, play Hell’s Highway to understand why people are still clamoring for a Brothers in Arms sequel. 

Play it on: PC

So, enjoy these war games.

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