Android Wireless Bluetooth Controller Gamepad

Android Wireless Bluetooth Controller Gamepad

There is a different world of gamers where they intend to play the game for hours. However, some people who are not gamers might find it difficult to digest the fact. So, people playing games would understand the meaning of long game hours. The long hours would include jamming of fingers due to constant hold of the gameboard. Moreover, the stress that they suffer because they need to focus on the game is much higher. So, the controller gamepad would help in reducing the pain and also to control the stress. There are many features of the gamepad which the following list provides.

Controller Gamepad Features

The features would include the comfort and peace that the person receives while using these gamepad controllers.

  • The primary feature includes the stretchability of the keypad. The person can stretch the equipment to a greater extent where they can fix their phones or pads in between them. After placing the phone in the stretch, the keypad surrounds the device from both sides.
  • The device connects to the keypad via Bluetooth. Moreover, the keyboard is compatible with all types of Android versions above 3.2 and also on iOS systems.
  • So, the compatibility and stretch help in popularizing the use of the device. Moreover, the keypad helps in easy placement of hands, which makes playing more comfortable.
  • The person does not need to worry about the stress on the eyes. The tension arises due to the constant rotation of eyeballs from the keypad to the screen and vise Versa. So, the use of the keyboard helps the person to place the display and keypad side-by-side, which helps in releasing stress.

Technical Features

  • The device comprises a battery of 380 mAh, which helps in using the method for 20 hours. So, the gamers can enjoy the game without any worry of losing the charge from their keypad.
  • The Bluetooth operating range is from 6-8 meters, which enables easy access to the device and comfortable use.
  • The app that connects the device and keypad requires no installation. So, the person does not need to worry about compatibility with CDs or USB ports.
  • Furthermore, there are some multimedia keys which help in providing many options for the operator. The primary keys include functions such as volume up and down, pause, play, next and previous options. These functions are essential for every person, even when they are just listening to music.
  • The design of the keypad is in such a way that it enables easy fitting of palms on the keyboard. Moreover, the easy fitting would help in allowing easy navigation through the keypad.
Android Wireless Bluetooth Controller Gamepad
Android Wireless Bluetooth Controller Gamepad

Thus, the game controller not only controls the game but also provides an easy way of handling the game. Moreover, the lesser response time would help in improving the game to a greater extent. Furthermore, you can gift the product to your friends also who are game pros according to your standards. They would love the gift because it would help them in enhancing their gaming experience.

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