An All-In-One Microphone Set That Lets You Get Everything Done At Once With No Worries! Don’t Miss!

Some of you will say that you already have a built-in microphone on your computer. We know they are convenient. But they can prove to be basic. Also, they have a fixed position. So, many users start to hate them. Bit, we have brought a change for you if you are regularly using your computer for business meetings, podcasts. Video calls, normal calls or gaming, etc., you should buy a separate all-in-one microphone that will help you accomplish your tasks with good quality.

It is a wired microphone that can be used for various purposes. They are very lightweight and easy to handle as well as use. You can get this multitasker microphone online by just clicking on the blue text. All the specifications, pros, and cons are given below that will help you to understand the product better.

You can order it anytime from home. It has omnidirectional polar patterns that make it look cool. Even you can suggest to your friend this kind of microphone that can perform all the functions very well. The best thing is that there will be no more showing in the microphone to see whether the microphone has picked up your voice or not! 

Let’s dig in to know more about the product.


Brand name: cooler

Style: tabletop

Use: computer microphone

Set type: single microphone

Polar patterns: omnidirectional

Communication: wired 

Package: yes

Model number: UM02

A close up of a device


  • You can use this microphone for vlogging, calling, business meetings. It is perfectly suitable for these activities.
  • When you are chatting online, the voice will seem as you are sitting face-to-face with the person.
  • This microphone is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • No complex structure, and you can use it easily.
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  • It may be heavy on your pocket.
  • It is not wireless.
  • You cannot carry this microphone wherever you want.


If you really feel that your voice is not reaching others because of your computer in-build microphone, then buy this all-in-one microphone. It will help you to connect to others efficiently. You are getting almost all the functions in one microphone, which is better than this. We know it is costly, but it is worth it. Anyone can operate it easily. It has no complex structure to operate. You will feel as if you’re sitting with the person with whom you be talking via this microphone on your computer. For gamers also, this is epic. We hope you do good in your future.

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