Amazing Racing Car 3D Games

racing car 3d games

Racing games are pretty fun and exciting. You can get a glimpse of actual racing by playing virtually. The experience becomes even better if it’s a 3D one. Nowadays most people prefer 3D over 2D or any other kind. There are plenty of reasons for doing that. In some racing games, you can enjoy realistic voices/sounds, a variety of cars, locations, settings, amazing visuals, or graphics, and more features than the other games. However, not every game is perfect. Each game has its unique quality which you might be looking for. That’s why below are the top 3 picks for 3D racing games. 

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 


The world of Extreme Car Driving Simulators is full of excitement and you can see its environment in many details. Here applies realistic physics and that means the car can be crushed. The damage will be noticeable. Mini checkpoints are available when enabled. Unlike most games, there is traffic just like in the real world. You have to keep on changing gear and speed now and then. Also, multiple angles are present in the game. 

Real Racing 3 


The 3D car racing game is excellent when it comes to graphics. This one is suitable for both Android as well as iOS. There are around 300 car models that you can try in this world. Ford, Bugatti, McLaren, Aston Martin, and many more are here. Different sides and angles can be explored too. Car controls are smooth and adaptable. The Real Racing 3 has a total of 19 tracks that are very much inspired by the actual world. As the name suggests, realism is the main focus. Players can participate in several kinds of events. Play the HD racing with your friends. 

City Racing 3D

Relish real racing along with real physics. The damage will be real if you crash your car. This one is best for those who want to play with friends as City Racing 3D fully supports LAN multiplayer mode. There are several racing modes to choose from. You can pick your favorite car. Upgrade cars with the reward or cash received after winning. A lot of customization options are available in the game. These cars have simple and easy controls. From Arizona to London, a large variety of locations are accessible in global rally tours. 


If you like 3D racing games then do check out the above-mentioned games. Here is Extreme Car Driving Simulator has traffic, gear settings, and many such options. Players have to cope up with real physics as a car can get damaged. Real Racing 3 has about 300 kinds of vehicles for players to try. Players can participate in regular events and invite their friends. Plus, annual global events are conducted for racing enthusiasts. City Racing 3D is a  great choice too.

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