All you need to know about handheld games For Kids

Handheld games have always been special for the gamers of every age and generation. When Smith engineering designed the first LCD based microvision design it was then in 1971 the first handheld game came into existence. Even though the advancement of technology did not cause the handheld game to look back as it acquires a very special place in our life with a lot of nostalgia and memories. We have come up with some most popular handheld game consoles. If you are looking to buy some then you can go through the list and help yourself in deciding which came fits in your criteria and the best for you to buy.

Grand classic PlayStation handheld gaming console-

Best handheld gaming console from Shri Radhe is an amazing product and this will enhance your gaming experience as well. It comes with a storage capacity of 4GB in a number of colours varying from black, blue, Yellow, etc. With a 32 bit format it also comes with a built definition of 10000 3D games. Coming with one USB spot and an intermittent speaker it is one of the perfect products for you to buy if you are interested in buying a handheld gaming console.

Smarty Chotu handheld gaming console in mitashi games-

Nimble handheld game console which is getatable and comes in a white colour is offered by the well known brand known as mitashi. A built in 500 is offered by this game and it has a 7.11cm TFT LCD screen.  An AV Cable is included in the products that you can connect this device with your television.  This product comes with a rechargeable battery which is very  handy for you whenever you want to get it charged as it contains a charging cable. This product comes in a size of 16 cm* 1.5cm *7 cm.

Handheld game console Zoros PSP game console-

This gaming console comprises your favourite games like Mario Tekken 3 Contra accept comes in white colour when you buy this product from Zrose. Speaker cartoon Minion earphones, your phone TV output cable USB Court charging port etc are all included in this product. This product comes with music and camera options. It runs on a 1.3 volt Lithium battery which is rechargeable and it comes with a total of 1000 intermittent games.

In 1 games retro game box console hand help QAWACHH SUP 400-

This game is a treat to frame lovers which comes with 400 building games which makes it a perfect gifting option for your loved ones. You can connect this gaming system with your TV through a USB cable.


You must have gone through all the list which we provided in this article to help you out in your choice of handheld games to know about it more, stay tuned.

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