Action Games: A Way Of Gaming


Action games are ironic in its way, people think that these games mean war battle mode. It is because, since the origin of video games, all that were extended by hardly game. There are many issues that take place today before uploading. Asteroids, space invaders, etc. are all action games during the symphony of might idea.

Action Games: A Way Of Gaming
Action Games: A Way Of Gaming

Action Games: List Of Top Games

Today there are several action games available in the Play Store. Some of the top action games that everyone can play are listed below.

Players unknown battery (PUBG)

One of the best and most popular multiplayer action game for smartphones users. Every match consists of a hundred players. You can play in a squad, duo or a single game. With constant and regular updates, the game is a hit. Various kinds of weapons are available for the players. PUBG squad games are a massive hit. It will allow you to team up with your best friends and fight the other teams again. Weapons like Awm, sniper guns like Kar98, etc. are available in the game. The various attractive features like snowfall, rainfall, spring, and other vehicles as per seasons are open.

Into The Dead

Into the Dead is a running game. The post-apocalyptic zombie game is a perfect running game. It is similar to the other racing games; only this one is with the zombies. All you got to do is run from zombies until you find a weapon to kill them. The game has outstanding visual effects. There are various sorts of powerful weapons for you to survive. You have to complete the missions to gain points. As it is not a multiplayer game, one can challenge their friends to beat them.

Cafe racer

A cafe racer is a motorcycle race through a poly environment. The entire racing environment is customized. There are no limits, no fuel bars timers, which means endless racing. The whole game is in a first-person mode, which helps you to focus on the road. There are two modes in the game to run the motorcycle. You run the bike through a low poly of ride between realistically moving traffic through the cities, buildings and various other environments. There are multiple types of bikes available in the game. Starting from single-cylinder bikes to the four liner bikes. You can also customize your bike as per your choice. You can collect coins and change handlebars, wheels, etc.

Standoff 2

Action Games: A Way Of Gaming
Action Games: A Way Of Gaming

Standoff 2 is one of the best multiplayer shooting games. It is prevalent and quite similar to the legendary PC game counter strike. There are various modes in the game. Round based bomb defusion, arms race, and deathmatch are the popular modes to choose in the game. You can earn points by winning matches and buy new weapons and clothes. The entire game is in FPP mode. There is a total of six maps present in the game. You can have your friends and play as a squad. You can also chat and text with friends in the lobbies.