A Helpful Assistant to Offer Extra Room for Your Desk and Holding Media Device to Satisfy Your Needs

A shelf is used to support the items which are displayed or stored on the wall. It is supported by walls or columns. The shelf is generally raised about from the ground to give a straight view to the audience who are seeing it. A shelf is used to hold the items and fix them in a place where the items can be viewed easily.

This is used specifically in Television, overhead television, and satellite television too. Nowadays, the new type of set-top box which is available in the market comes with many features. One is about access to the television broadcast and also being able to use the internet services at the same time. Isn’t that too cool? As per the demand and requirement of customers the company is also adding new features to its line.

Engineering drawing

About TV Top board Shelf

We will be looking at the TV board shelf in detail.A set-top box also known as a cable box gives information that includes input and output to a Television set so that the channel can be displayed and the content is seen and heard to the audience clearly. This is done with the help of a set-top box. 

  • Electronic guides

This will display all the information related to the different programs coming in the channel with their scheduled time so that users can manage the time properly. It is now available in all the new site top boxes.

  • Remote channels

Some remote also provides the information to its users. By using the remote channels you can watch different channels. With this, the users can use the remote to reduce or increase the music or watch between channels and use analog services.

  • Timer

With the timer facility the user to switch between different channels. This is usable when the user is not available and can record the programs coming in different channels.

  • Select Favorites

This will allow the users to select their favorite channels among all. They can select the best one which they prefer more and can use it when they want to watch the show. For eg- cricket or football match.

  • Use the Box

Users can use the box when they need it . If the remote gets lost or damaged they can use the same to change the channels. Set-top box also has a remote-like function nowadays which is also useful when needed.

Pros of TV top shelf

  • It is very much durable and can be used for a longer period of time.
  • It is made up of UBS materials which are the best one for making Set-top boxes and TV top shelves.
  • This has a very good look and has got a new product design also.
  • It maximizes the space fully.

Cons of TV Top board shelf

  • It takes lot of your space.
  • It is not suitable in all situations.
  • It is expensive.


These are some of the points about the top shelf of the TV board top shelf.

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