A Brief History of Video Games

The history of video games has been an interesting one. There are those that would like to see the entire history of video games be deciphered as we find them today. Others are looking for particular games to examine. Still others are interested in certain types of game systems, such as Nintendo and IBM. In this article, we will attempt to cover the history of video games.

Know About Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a classic arcade video game. It was one of the earliest to be made available to the public. This game was created by Pac-Man creator Bill Atkinson and released in the late nineteen seventies. Pac-Man has gone through several evolutions since then, ranging from a simple action and adventure game to a game with puzzle capabilities.

Arcade Video Games

Arcade video games were very popular in the early nineteen eighties. They were so popular that coin-operated machines began to appear all over the country. Coin-operated games offered players the ability to play games for money instead of simply playing for the sheer pleasure. These coins became known as “machines” and they quickly replaced the dime and the half dime. The first games to be programmed for use in coin-operated machines were simple word games, which became even more popular.

Space Invaders is probably the most well-known game to have been programmed using a computer. It was released in the early to mid eighties and became wildly popular among children. This game was so popular that the Space Invaders film was made. This film took the world by storm and remains a staple of the movie industry. Even to this day Space Invaders is loved by video game fans.

Donkey Kong 

Donkey Kong is another well-known arcade game that was created for the home computer. Donkey Kong introduced the concept of shooting creatures that were on the ground. This was one of the first games that was played with the intention of actually aiming the player’s mouse toward an enemy, and it is still popular today.

When the Nintendo Family Computer hit the market, it was immediately successful. This computer game system was designed to play various types of video games that included sports games. Family Computer systems went on to become a huge success and were extremely popular with kids, teens, and adults alike. Later Nintendo came out with the Super Nintendo, which is currently one of the most popular video game consoles ever. The Super Nintendo system introduced the world to online gaming and has since become one of the most well-loved video game consoles of all time. The Super Nintendo system is also now available on the Xbox and PlayStation formats.

Last Words

In conclusion, video game history is vast and dates back for quite some time. It has evolved from its humble beginning to what we know today. We have seen amazing growth in the field of video games, both as an interactive medium and as a way to entertain people from all walks of life. The history of video games will continue to evolve, making the virtual world even more entertaining.

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