5 Most Popular Ps4 Action Games For Everyone, Let’s Find Out

ps4 action games

Having ps4 and not playing action games is way out of the league. So, if you’re just a beginner in this platform I bring you a list of some amazing ps4 action games to play. Well, I am pretty sure that you already have a list to move with once you wrap up with the ones you have in your game pack. Just check whether my list and your list matches or not. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the roll below-

 Best ps4 action games that you need to have
Best ps4 action games that you need to have

Ps4 Action Games For Everyone: Let Us Start With Batman Arkham Knight

Talking about this game, it is one of the greatest that came out from the Batman franchise. Well, it is the classic in this category of Ps4 action games.

You run across the roads of Gotham while thugs try to scream in fear. Well, it is quite impossible to ignore the adrenaline rush while you play the game. Additionally, if you get engrossed, eventually you will act like the Dark Knight yourself while proceeding with events in the game. Undoutedlly, it is best in the whole Batman series.

Next Is The Bloodborne

This game is finally out in the market with multiplayer options thus making it amazing for you and your friend. This game to some extent resembles the Soul series. However few changes are pretty noticeable to actually make a notable comparison.

Gaming is nothing but intruding into another world which is pretty amazing and exciting. Additionally, when you outmuscle your opponent on the other side it feels much satisfying, isn’t it?

Furthemore you will definitely feel a sense of accomplishment while ruining a complete stranger on the other side of your display. It is also a level that tests your hunting instinct.

In the end, I would recommend you have this game on the checklist if you haven’t included it yet.

Grand Theft Auto V Stands Next

Well if you played the last versions, then you already know what I  am talking about in this title. And to your surprise, this version of GTA is one of the finest that you should have in your game box this year.

As per me and all the gamers out there, it is the best of the GTA series. Additionally, I would also call this version as the greatest game that came out in the last generation. Furthemore with high-end graphics used in this version things turned out to be a lot more different.

Let Us Now Talk About God Of War III

Well, the opening 45 minutes of the game is fascinating. If you feel I am exaggerating, well you are totally wrong. Consequently, no other developer fascinated me with their opening slot like this game made. Undoubtedly, this is brilliant. And I get highly moved with the sequence every time I play the game.

The Last Of The Lot To Talk Here: The Last Of Us Part II

The game starts with a  backdrop of catastrophe where the majority of the planets got moved out by fungus namely Cordyceps. And this turns human beings into mold-encrusted ravagers.

The ones who somehow managed to live their human lives are living in constant threat of getting infected. Therefore, the protagonist who is immune to the virus is playing the challenges to survive in the game.

However, you might feel the theme and ideologies to be somehow familiar with the many of the action games. You might also feel kind of drained. Nevertheless, it is a good game to invest your time.

Top ps4 action games  that you need to play
Top ps4 action games that you need to play


Well, these are some of the best and classic Ps4 action games that you need to check out as soon as you can. Additionally, they still stand to be the top 5 games in terms of action games. So,  if you have wrapped up the latest of the action games series make sure to check this occult favorite option to enjoy some thrilling time.

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