4 Incredible Japanese Games to Play on PC: Don’t Miss Them

Japanese computer games

Many great Japanese games can be played on a PC. Some of the best ones include “Final Fantasy VII”, “Kingdom Hearts II”, “Dragon Quest VIII”, and “Final Fantasy X”. These games are all highly immersive and provide hours of enjoyment.

Final Fantasy VII:

Final Fantasy VII is a role-playing game in which the player must defeat enemies and save their planet, while also defeating an evil man who wants to destroy the world. This game has amazing graphics for its time and even holds up well today. It is one of the best Japanese games on PC.

Kingdom Hearts II:

Kingdom Hearts II continues the story that began in “Kingdom Hearts,” but this time focuses more on Disney characters rather than Final Fantasy characters. This action RPG lets players team up with Donald Duck and Goofy to stop an army of heartless creatures from taking over their beloved Disney worlds. One of the most notable features of this game is that it allows gamers to visit classic Disney locations like Neverland and Agrabah.

Dragon Quest VIII:

Dragon Quest VIII is a role-playing game in which the protagonist must save their kingdom from evil forces that include trolls and dragons. The player must explore the world and gain new weapons and items to aid them in the battle against powerful enemies. This is one of the most popular Japanese games on PC and has received high ratings from critics for its story, graphics, and gameplay. With dozens upon dozens of hours’ worth of gameplay, it’s also easy to see why this RPG is so beloved by gamers worldwide.

Final Fantasy X:

Final Fantasy X takes place in the fantasy world of Spira, where a group known as the Maesters maintain peace and order in their nation through ancient technology and the use of powerful magic spells and summoned monsters called Aeons which aid them in battle. The only known gateway between these two islands is an enormous monster called Sin that attacks and destroys any means of travel or communication between the two lands. Tidus is a young Blitzball star living in the capital city of Zanarkand. During a blitzball tournament, Sin attacks the city, bringing destruction along with it. Tidus has washed ashore on Besaid Island and meets the young summoner Yuna who took up her father’s role as a summoner to defeat Sin. Despite being repeatedly warned that he should leave his journey to himself, Tidus decides to join Yuna. Together they set out across Spira to find an answer to the mystery behind Sin and meet friends and foes alike while learning about the dangerous practice of summoning Aeons itself.

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