3 Amazing Action Pack Games For Android And IPhone Users In 2021

action pack games

What’s better than exciting action-packed gameplay? If you are someone who likes thrill then here are some interesting mobile games that you could try this year. These are few top-rated games where you can compete with top players as well as your friends. No matter if you are an android player or iPhone user these three action games are suitable for every kind of mobile. Also, every game has something fresh to offer that can keep you immersed. So, do check out the following to kill that boredom

Call Of Duty Mobile

With over 100 million downloads, Call Of Duty has dominated the gaming world for the past few years. It is played around every location or to be precise it’s worldwide. Call of Duty also known as COD is moreover one of the best battle royale games that you could find. From cool and sleek graphics to fascinating equipment, it has a lot to offer to players. The game comes with new updates and features every once in a while as well. Another exciting part about COD is its fascinating weaponry. Without a doubt, this game is a package of action that nobody wants to miss. 

Modern Combat 5

If you are looking for a game that not just includes combat but a storyline too then Modern Combat 5 is the right choice for you. The story of this mobile game starts with a character named Phoenix who is from the beautiful city of Venice located in Italy. His mission is to stop terrorists from terrorizing and harming others. In the beginning, most of the actions and plot are based in Venice but it later progresses to other parts of the world. This story-led game is also pretty much like COD in terms of target shooting, weapon dealing, etc. It is a one-of-a-kind action-filled game that can be played in multiplayer mode as well. So, don’t skip it.  

PUBG Mobile

It’s hard to not have heard of PUBG. Since the last few years, PUBG has gained popularity just like COD in battle royale gaming. It has become one of the most cherished games due to its amazing graphic quality and soundtrack. PUBG Mobile has multiple weapons, playing modes, vehicles, and so on that every action lover finds interesting. Furthermore, players get to customize control and even explore a very similar world to the real world. 


Kill your boredom with mobile games like Call Of Duty Mobile, Modern Combat 5, and PUBG Mobile. If you want a cool battle royale game then Call of Duty is your calling. The game brings new updates, features like fresh equipment, weapons and so on that keeps players occupied. Modern Combat 5 is another package of excitement that is mostly story-based. Lastly, PUBG Mobile is a pretty cool action game too. 

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